We will be driving from Tuscany to the

07/29/2016 - 14:07

We will be driving from Tuscany to the Airport in Milan and will have two nights to spare. We would love some suggestions as to where to go and visit?Thank You!



Might be a good idea to say where you will have been... Assuming you have done boring, over rated Florence, then I would guess Milan would be good, but takes a little more than 2 days to take in. I'm sure others can recommend other places in between,  but for somewhere near your destination, then have a look at Bergamo - enjoy whatever you do...smiley

If you do get to go, then I would suggest you find parking (never driven there) in the new town and then head up to the old (Alta) by funicular and if you like nice views on up even higher to San Viglio. There in not much up there, but on a clear day the views are superb! A 24 hour ticket for the funicular and buses is/was only €5 for a very quaint way to travel. This AtB link has information on the funicular.I don’t know how serious he was about it, but the chef Carluccio visiting for one of his shows said his favourite place to eat was Parietti Piero was just outside of the old town.  Also mentioned in this Guardian link is Da Mimmo, which we ate at a number of times, even had live music on a Saturday night with a singer and lovely violin player.

Bergamo is a nice city, specially the old part, citta Alta. But I would recomend a trip around the Iseo Lake. There are many beutiful cities around the lake to visit.  Have some lunch at Bar Centrale in Lovere and dinner/overnight at the hotel Panoramico in Fonteno. That will make hour days pass away to fast.