My father had a house in Licada that

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08/19/2016 - 20:09

My father had a house in Licada that was left 50% to me and then my 5 sisters.  Only one other sister wanted to keep the house with me so we paid the other 4 sisters their share for the house.  After 10 years, we are still having problems transferring the title of the home to my name and my one sister.  Please tell me what parocura we need for this transfer.  One of my sisters resides in Melbourne, Australia and the rest of us are American citizens.  I am on my way to Sicily on Saturday to try and resolve this, but want to make sure I have all the necessary paper work.  Please advise what papers I actually need.  Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. We had various parocuras drawn up and signed in the past by my sibilings and now they say that they are not sufficient.  Do you know what we need to do??? 



Hello Joe, you need to find out exactly what type of legal transfer needs to take place between you and your siblings, if you have all been registered as heirs, there will need to be an actual sale or conveyance from you to them, mentioning the money that has changed hands previously. Sometimes I know heirs find out that there are planning issues with the property and that can block a transfer even between family members. You should have a Notary advising you about this.If a sale (or compravendita) does need to be formalised, then all parties will need to give a Special power of attorney to sell or buy their share, if they cannot come to Italy to sign a public deed in front of a Notary.These do need to be worded very precisely, and if signed abroad they must be correctly legalized with an Apostille (depending on the country they are signed in) for use abroad.So the point I am making is find out first what the legal process is, then you can be properly advised on how to draw up the powers of attorney.