Hi,We bought a 70s house in Perledo,

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01/21/2016 - 17:55

Hi,We bought a 70s house in Perledo, Lake Como and we are looking for an English speaking company to help us with the renovation work. Have you worked with any good renovation company in that area or do you know of anyone we could try?Thanks,Necia



Hello,Well done on making the move. I am afraid not as my husband does all our work. Is it is very big job? I am not sure he would travel that far north. Good Luck with your project

Hi Necia,My husband is an architect here in the North of Italy, he may be able to help you. (He speaks English).Her has just completed a renovation project for an English/New Zealand couple.Liz

Thanks for your replies!We need to do the whole interior (incl. 2 bathrooms, kitchen, new walls, floors, electrics etc), probably new roof with insulation, new windows and some landscaping to make better use of our hilly garden.Liz, does your husband also do the project management (we are not around much)? 

Hello Necia,Yes my husband can oversee the project management from start to finish. Do you already have a surveyor? Have you already obtained planning permission from the Town Hall? If you would like to contact him - his email is mwar@libero.it.Regards LIz

Hi Necia,I am answering your message a little late, and possibly have missed the boat.I am also an architect - UK born and trained. I live in Milan and have often managed domestic refurbishment projects in north Italy. I am currently following a refurbishment project of an Australian couple’s house in San Siro, Como, which is just on other side of lake from you, so I will be up in your neck of the woods often in the next 9 months or year. I understand that you have possibly found another architect, so may not require further assistance - but if you want more information from me I will be more than happy to assist. My email address is info@rinovaprojects.comAll the best Conor

I can help with doors and windows.
Send me dimension,proect and tehnical informacion.
Best regards,

Hi, I have exactly the same situation and even the same location. We bought an apartment in Perledo and need some advice how to furnish and renovate our holiday home. Would be great to excange our experiance and maybe we can help each other out. Regards Sandra