Helloi am buying an apartment in

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09/14/2016 - 10:57

Helloi am buying an apartment in Pallanza Verbania and want to know how to take over the electricity etc from the outgoing people, i know ENEL supply the electricity i cannot change their website to English, i am learning Italian!i am also opening a bank account for payment of utilities.any help appreciated?



Hi Barry,I am writing on the assumption your are actually in Italy.If you can find you local 'punto enel' its best if you actually go there and I'm sure they will help.Take your ID, codice fiscale and details of the property. If you have an old bill  from the previous owners even better. (This will have all the details they need). Take a photo of your  electricity meter and any numbers that may identify the meter.Be wary of signing up with any fixed terms until you can decide on what suits you best. I think they even include the TV Licence on the bills now.Obviously you can also opt to pay by direct debit, OPTIONAL.Get copies of whatever you sign and take note of the person that serves you,  

 Hello Barry. Good choice Pallanza.Excellent advice by Italyprogetti - also check out www.enelservizioelettrico.it Seems to be only in Italian though.Regards, Conor