Italian dual citizenship - the

03/13/2016 - 05:22

Italian dual citizenship - the advantages?Hi Everyone, my Comune informed me last year that I can only get my residency extended beyond 12 months if I apply for my children to become italian citizens as their grandfather was from a nearby village. I have been reliably informed that this is nonsense ( I know, holding head in hands! I am dealing with it), however, we have started the process with the Italian Consulate in London. I'm just wondering what the advantages would be to having dual citizenship? The boys are being educated in Italy and with exorbitant University fees in the UK, maybe in the future there will be an advantage to them going to Uni here, if thats what they want to do.Also, will it be easier with regards to healthcare if I present my local ASL with proof of Italian citizenship? I can't get a sniff of a health card for my little boys despite asking over a year ago at my local ASL? I just get a greasy aggressive man being rude to me, despite 3 visits over 18 months. I've given up. Would be extremely grateful for a knowledge share on this one. 



If you can get dual nationality there is no reason not to do so - it gives our children more options in later life, and also their children.  its a bit of a hassle, but if their grandad was Italian its pretty straighforward, and worth the 200 euros.