Please share your experiences getting

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01/24/2017 - 07:38

Please share your experiences getting or not getting an elective residency visa. I was just denied one at the Chicago consulate. Prepped and studied for two years, had everything on their list. $130,000 savings, and pension payments in two years followed by social security was not enough. No guidelines available for finances. What was your experience?



It is difficult to assess exactly what could have gone wrong without having seen all of the documents you provided the Chicago Consulate- I am not aware of a clear guideline on the amount of money that you need to have in order to be granted a VISA.   What they do need to be certain of, is an amount of money that will allow you to live in Italy independently (and for you to support any family members coming with you), which from what you say you have, is enough, especially for one year (the amount of time a first VISA/Permesso di Soggiorno for Residenza Elettiva is granted for).  Did you provide documentation regarding your accommodation in Italy- you will also have to prove that you have somewhere to live, for example by showing a lease or a contract deed of sale if you own property there.  Did they offer any kind of explanation?