Question for those that have AirBnB

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02/01/2017 - 01:38

Question for those that have AirBnB property.  Could you tell me what type of insurance you have for your property?  I had wanted to form an LLC and purchase the property through the LLC but was unable to do that.  So I purchased it through my own name.  Now I want to make sure I have the proper insurance to protect myself and my other assets.  I do not believe I can get insurance through a US insurance company.  Any suggestions would be appreciated



Dear, you need to have two types of insurance ;1) insurance covering the property of damage of fire, water , earthquake (this is the base), than you can add others .2) if you are renting for holidays you need a insurance covering the risk that your guests can incur during their stay.You can have this via a good Insurance Italian Company Cari salutiAnna