Hi  i saw a recent article in the

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02/01/2017 - 06:20

Hi  i saw a recent article in the Italian Press re the imposition of a new Road Tax system which is based on the Swiss Vignette system. This is where you pay an annual payment to drive on Swiss Roads. I always drive to Italy and wondered if this system will affect foriegn registered vehicles  such as a UK Registered vehicle.



Hi Joseph,yes you are obliged to have "vignetta" if you are driving along Swiss motorway or highway, if you don't want to run the risk of a ticket (200sf)  You can buy it at the Custom Border. the costs is about 40sf.have a nice trip here in ItalyAnna

HI Anna,I am aware of the Swiss Vignette system but the article i saw said there was a proposal to bring a simlar system into use for Italian Road users?Regards Joe

HI Anna,Thanks  i will wait and see what happens i saw a lot of comment on a FB post where everyone was against such a new  system. If you use the motorways then you pay tolls but this seems to want everyone to pay this tax just to use the all the roads( Much like the UK where we pay an Annual Road Tax ).However apart from one Motorway there are no road tolls in the UK ( Except some Bridges and Tunnels).RegardsJoe