Hello!My family (husband + 2 boys 7,10

03/29/2017 - 22:09

Hello!My family (husband + 2 boys 7,10) are looking at travelling to Italy from July this year. We would initially like to rent somewhere in Tuscany for 2/3 weeks. Any suggestions? How rural should we go as we do not speak Italian (but will learn some basics before July)? We are happy to live a simple life near farmers markets, some restaurants, possibly not too far from the coastline.Should we rent, lease or buy a car? If so company suggestions? We would like to do some travelling in Europe too. We plan to take 5-6 months to do this.After the Tuscan region, should we book somewhere near the Amalfi, Lake Como?We love to go to the beach, ride bikes, walk, travel, eat, cook.Thank you in advance for your time to respond.Kasey 



Although I'm sure it's great information Ugo, that's a lot of site to read!Kasey, for 2-3 weeks you are looking at holiday/vacation accommodation. You cannot buy a car (or likely lease) in Italy without being resident. That leaves hire which we have found quite expensive in Italy compared to other European countries, especially the UK. Anyway I would look at one of the bigger companies, perhaps Hertz or Avis and look to book from the US if that's where you are from?This is probably the type of accommodation you would want to look at. I only picked on this as we stayed there many years ago and know the place was superb. But it’s more to give you an idea of what type of accommodation is available. To be honest there is numerous accommodation like this throughout Italy and it’s more of a case of deciding where you want to go and them looking on the likes of Tripadvisor or do a web search on “italy self catering” to get many, many companies. Note at that time of year car hire and accommodation is peak time and availability can be a big problem, so booking early might be a good idea. Enjoy!

If you are non-EU, check out Renault and Peugot up to six month lease programs. The Lunigiana area, where we live, is well located for some of the things you mention. Cinque Terra, Pisa, Parma, beaches, all within a couple of hours drive or less. Florence, Bologna, a little longer. Good luck and have a good time. 

You can rent an entire Italian home via Airbnb.  We had very good luck in Modena and Murano, Venice using that site. Our hosts were very helpful and provided many excellent recommendations.  Make sure to check out Lerici and take the ferry to Cinque Terre.  Spectacular sights!  Enjoy!

You say you would like to travel throughout Europe over 5-6 months spending 2-3 months in Tuscany. You will need to note that you can not stay longer than 90 days within the Schengen countries. Once your 90 days is expired, you must leave the schengen areas for another 90 days before returning. I would read up on all this beforehand.


Hi Kaseeyleye if you want, a customer of mine is building a BnB so you can rent the entire home for as long as you want.The house called  "Ca Giacomo" will be on the market next month and on  Booking next week if you are interested. We are talking of Lunigiana, a place in north Tucany full of culture and marvellous landscapes.If you are interested or even to know when will be opened and see the pictures text me privately so I can redirect you to the link once it'll be ready.my contactshttps://www.lunigianabuilders.com/best regards