My husband and I holiday in Italy every

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05/21/2017 - 10:52

My husband and I holiday in Italy every year, staying for 2-3 weeks in total in various holiday let flats/houses, mostly for a week at a time in each; some  have become firm favourites, and we return there time after time, which, indeed, we are doing this year. Next year though we thought we would like to do something different, and stay in one place for a month or two, probably in Abruzzo/Molise ( but we would consider other areas too).We would be grateful to receive any advice/information/ details if agencies, etc, about longer term lets, as opposed to the weekly short term ones. Thank anticipation!



Abruzzo is a great place for a longer stay. If you are thinking of coming off-season then you might get a good deal on a longer let. If not then you are looking at a standard vacation rental but with a small discount probably.  Agencies will likely only deal with lets of 1 year or more and are geared principally to the Italian market.  For the middle ground, you really need to be here to ask around and see what's available via word of mouth. It's so easy to advertise your vacation rental now to a global market that a short-term rental at the  monthy cost of a long term rental, bookable in advance online, doesn't really exist.  We have a vacation rental in the centro storico of beautiful Sulmona. You can find it on AirBnB or on Facebook by searching 'Gramsci29'.  Good luck with your search!