Hello, I am a non EU non resident

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05/26/2017 - 04:14

Hello, I am a non EU non resident wishing to purchase a property in Umbria.  Could someone please explain the new anti-seismic bonus that the Tax Office is offering on first and second homes?  Does it apply to non-residents?  How does the bonus work?  Do I have to be earning money in Italy to gain the bonus as a tax return?  Thanks for your assistance



This is a tax bonus, the cost of restoring a first or second home, already owned, is deducted from the tax chargeable that the owner of the home would pay to the Italian state in the 5 years following the commencement of the restoration operations - It seems obvious that if there is no income in Italy, there can be no deduction - It also seems absolutely impossible to ask the Italian state to repay, to a foreign country and not to the EU, the taxes that the citizen would pay for the Income that he produced in that country, for the case of having bought - in Italy - a house to be restored