Hi everybodyis there a subsidy paid on

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05/30/2017 - 17:21

Hi everybodyis there a subsidy paid on olive trees, by which I mean is their a flat subsidy per olive producing tree or per acre or per weight of olives farmed, etc, etc ?I have tried unsuccessfully to google the answer and your assistance would be gratefully received.My wife and I are looking to purchase in Puglia and have seen properties with anything from a handful to 250 mature trees, we wondered if the trees had an effect on purchase price or future income?Many thanksAdam



Not sure about the subsidy question, but with regard to the value of land, Valori Agricoli Medi della provincia,  depending on what is growing on it, look up www.agenzieentrate.gov.it, and find your region and it will be divided up into Comune.I haven't used this for sometime - last time I printed off was 2007, but in the territory of Macerata in Le Marche, the value of uncultivated land per hectare was E2550, and the value of a Frutteto (which I think means an orchard) is E31,650 per hectare - a big difference.If the land has olive trees, the person selling will look to maximise the price per hectare , but you really need to understand whether they are productive olive trees. We approached a local farmer to buy some abandoned land,about a hectare, and expecting to pay around E5,000 totally overgrown for absolutely years, but it had old olive trees - not productive, and fruit trees and he wanted the maximum price - I think he wanted around E55,000. .  We declined.

Hi, We own a house in basilicata, the next region to Puglia, on our land we have 119 olive trees and we currently receive a subsidy of approx 850 euros per year which is paid directly into our bank account twice a year. My husband goes with an italian friend of ours to an agricultural office to sign a piece of paper twice a year and the money is paid. How they work it out we are unsure of! but maybe your solicitor could help you if you ask the question. We currently have a local man who harvests our trees once a year but this has no bearing on the money recieve. I think it depends on how many trees you have but dont quote me on that! Sorry i can't be more helpful.