Hi there all, what a great site.we are

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Hi there all, what a great site.we are in the process of retiring to Italy, we have the funds to buy a house and support ourselves on the cheap, as we are vegan's and live off the land.we have heard that we would need to prove that we each have funds of €3000 per month to live off and would also need private health care insurance at approximately €500 each per month. Can anyone out there please shed some light on the subject? Thank you in advance for your time  



3000 euros per month to live and 500 euros month = 6000 yearly ... who gave you this crazy information? ... see here >>  http://www.lifeinitaly.it/Inglese/italyresidenceguide.htmhealtcare  cost , around  1600 / 1800 euro yearly

Hi HugoI saw your reply regarding "3000 Euros" per month to live in Italy.We are a couple from NYC about to retire, intending to live in Trapani, Sicily and will be applying for a retiree's longterm visa  as soon as our dual social security starts. We think 3000 a month is way over a "living cheap"budget  since rent is low but so far in our research medical insurance is looking like at least 500 euros a month. We could pay less if we just get "major medical" that doesn't include doctors visits or prescriptions but have no idea how much doctors visits and drugs cost so are hesitant to take it even if it fullfills the visa requirement and we have part a Medicare in the states regardless.If you have any suggestions to give us on what medical insurance is good, comprehensive and not that expensive I'd appreciate the information and also the general cost of a doctors visit and medications  if you are not an EU citizen,so we have an idea of what medical insurance is necessary.Thanks for your input. We have been planning this in theory for years and now we want to make it a realityHolly McClean   

Hi UgoWe  are  New Yorkers planning to retire ib Trapani, Sicily and will be pensioners when we apply for a long term visa. I appreciated and read alot of the info you posted., I agree that the vegans are way off on that estimate for a "poor lifestyle", we estimate less then that for a moderately extravagent one.We have been looking  at a few mediacl ibsurance companies for the required amount of coverage and haven't seen anything that is in the 1600-1800 price range . What we found so far costa about 500 a month or us both and that only covers hospitalization, assuming thats emergency and required care.I have two questionsfor you since you seem to know about these things.What medical insurance companies do you recommend that are within or around the pricing you describe above and what does a doctor's visit cost, general practiioner and specialist. in Italy.Thanks again for your inputHolly McClean 

Hi in Italy everyone from EU can come without a problem, healthcare is free(at least when I go to the doctor I don't have to pay anything). Maybe I am wrong but never paid fo this, Just need to register for the cod. fiscale to be registered on the national care. Which region in Italy?maybe I can find a link helpful to you

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Sometimes before talking, it's helpful to inquire, perhaps at any Italian Municipality  Italian, for examplehttp://www.comunedicortona.it/il-comune/servizi-demografici-ed-elettorali-e-delegazioni/anagrafe/arrivare-dall-estero/ The non-EU citizen must attach the documentation listed in Annex A. The citizen of the European Union must attach the documentation listed in Annex B.Annex B >  http://www.comunedicortona.it/files/8113/5306/4237/all_b.pdfStep 2 - paragraph 3A copy of a health insurance covering health risks in the national territory, valid for aAt least one year, or a copy of one of the following forms issued by the State of origin: E106, E120, E1 21 (or E 33), E109 (or E 37); * T. T.E.A.M. (European Health Insurance Card) can be used by whom  He does not intend to transfer his residence to Italy and he / she feels the enrollment in the population register And temporary.

Ah yes we do have an E111 health card I am from the U.K and my husband is Italian, we both are resident in U.K at the moment, but intend to purchase the property as prima casa and transfer our resistance thank you again for you help, very informative 

this is a italian law , validity is for all region - regarding E111 , see with attention the pdf - may it can't valid for this use -More , you , as wife of italian citizens , are not in the same situation as a normal EU citizen, maybe you do not have to make insurance, go to the offices of the municipality you will need to buy the house - demographic section and ask

Hi in Italy everyone from EU can come without a problem, healthcare is free(at least when I go to the doctor I don't have to pay anything). Maybe I am wrong but never paid fo this, Just need to register for the cod. fiscale to be registered on the national healthcare. Which region in Italy?maybe I can find a link helpful to you

Steve , No, healtcare price , depends on the age - the more you are - mature :) - the more it costs - the means of livellihood are legal by law, they must be higher than the minimum wage in italy, which is about 600 euros per month - Assistance is free Only for tourists coming from the EU, and usually for urgent interventions, never for long illness -

JohnnyM - as an EU citizen emergency healthcare is free - ie A&E, but you cannot have a family doctor or normal healthcare without paying into the system in some way - private health insurance, job contract etc.  as Ugo says.   Your codice fiscale has nothing to do with healthcare, your right to healthcare depends on your residency and payments into the system.  

None of these answers is relevent to my question since we are not EU Residents,we ate US citizens, want to retire in Trapani Sicily, applying as soon as our Social Security kicks in, know we have to buy privatr health insurance, and Hugo says it shoykd cost 1600- 1800 a year and we'd like to know from what company and what it covers.
Wr would also like to hear asap, since we are here in Trapani now, from anyone who has a furnished apartment in Trapani theyd like to rent for a year., starting sometime this winter .
Holly McClean

That is the very reason it is always better to start off your own post as the OP is from the EU and as you quite rightly say in a total different ball game to you. There are many an answer to how much is private health care in Italy on the web, on this forum and others. However at the end of the day it will be the comune you apply for residency that will decide if any such policy is acceptable to them, although some might not even ask for such!

You shouldbe able to get assicurazione volontaria from the local Asl - which will be cheaper than private health insurance.  You need to visit the ASL (health service) get them to work out how much it would be, pay it at the post office and then take the paperwork to the comune when you ask for residency. 

Sorry , not Modicasa , TAM is only for italian or immigrants working peoples , see here > http://www.comunedicortona.it/il-comune/servizi-demografici-ed-elettorali-e-delegazioni/residenza/arrivare-dall-estero/click on MODELLI and on Allegato A or Allegato Bhave a good reading ..  

thanks modicasaWe are first applying for National Visa for retired people st the Italian Consulate in NYC where we will have to show them we have a lease for an apartment for  1 year and private medical insurance. So what weneed to know for our first full year in Italy is what is the best private health insurance we can purchase as expats. We also need to show for the permesso di giorno.A few years down the road we hope to obtain permanent residency. But for now we can only obtain private insurance according to Italian rules.Can you recommend any companies that sell good insurance to expats.Thankshollyssg

OK - I must say Ive never heard of a a visa for retired people.  I would have thought you would need a Schengen visa and then residency, so presume this visa is asort of elective residency visa.  However what you are doing is just for the visa, not for residency in the comune of trapani, so you will have to do that when you arrive.    What is important for your health insurance is that the documentation is available in Italian - you will need that at the Trapani end.   It might depend on your creditcard providers - Amex has something that might be suitable,  otherwise for your first year - to fulfil the NY end of what you are trying to do, it's going to cost you alot.  I presume the consulate is unhelpful and wont/cant give you a list of approved insurers? 

Schengen visa is for travelers to be in Schengen countries for 90 days at time . We are applying for a national visa as pensioners, to live. here. ,bringing our income with us and with no intention of working.
So we need minimum of 30,000 healyb insurance