Hello, Italy lovers, we are a young

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Hello, Italy lovers, we are a young family with a baby boy who will turn 1 in a couple of months. We are researching the opportunities to move and live in Italy where we can raise our child. We are not looking for jobs, as I will continue working my job which is online.We want to live close to a beach, in a mid sized city, not too small where we don't have any activities to do, nor too big where it is stressful and everyone is very busy and can't actually enjoy life in that beautiful part of the world. Also, we prefer somewhere clean, everything is in order, but not too expensive as only I will work for the near future. We want to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment close to beach and center for up to 600 EUR per month. Do you guys have any recommendations for towns that will be good match for us?



as I see from what you would like, small town but full of facilities, many things to do, close to the beach and you can have anything, I would suggest Sarzana (SP), a little town full of history (Napoleone family lived there if I remember well). The town is amazing with the peace of a small village and almost everything like a big town.
I live close by, even though where I am is more countryside in the north of Tuscany, the city of Sarzana is near Lerici, Portovenere and 1 hour by Le Cinque Terre, one of the best places in Italy for the sea. The life is also affordable, this is the link of the place
and here my contacts so if you need any recommendations or suggests
hope to be helpful

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Thank you for the comprehensive reply. We will research more on these. Do you think eastern Italy, somewhere between Ravenna and Bari, there is similar town which we can like?

We are Americans hoping to retire in Trapani, Sicily.
Unless its furnished which wr're finding a bit difficult you can should be able to get an apartment in your price range.
Its a city if 75000 people , has beaches , both town and clubs, old and new town and has Birgi airport ,20 minutes away.
Near Marsala, just sw of Palermo., and easy day trips to Segesta, and Selinunte.
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Yes! I think you can if you are willing to live a ways from the city. Take your baby with you when you look at properties. No Italian can resist a little one! And I just thought of another town you would love - though not real close to the beach - is Montecatini! FULL of young families with little ones who stroll the Main Street in the evening with their buggies. So cute to watch. I wish you great luck!! 

Hi.We have a holiday home in the town of Fondi which is in Lazio midway between Rome and Naples , just over an hour from both by train and just under 2 hours by car . The town is  historic and has plenty going on with a friendly small town  feel. The beaches are 15 minutes away and the seaside towns of Sperlonga and Terracina are close by . We have been at all times of the year and it is always vibrant unlike seaside towns which are empty out of holiday times. Property prices are very reasonable. .Good luck. 

Ciao,We moved back to Italy after 15 years in London. We are as well a young family with two boys.We live in Le Marche Region, Ancona, and we are very happy to be  here. Life is great, the city is not very big but at the same time you can do a lot of activities. Ancona has also an aerport and you can reach London and other European destinations easily.Rome and Milan are  3 hours away with a high speed train.Beaches are amazing, and the view of Mt.Conero are breath taking. Some popular sports are windsurfing, cycling horseriding and there also is a 18 hole golf club.The quality of life in The Marche is very high although the price is low, it's easy to find a flat to rent with only 600€.If you need any help please contact us and we will be very happy to help you.Good luck.Francesca

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Thank you, Francesca!Ancona and the area seems to offer everything we are looking for. We haven't been there yet, we plan to visit it at the beginning of September. From what I see online Ancona itself does not have a nice beach, rather the small towns around it have.What can you say about Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli. Do you think we can find a long term rental there and is it too slow and empty during the autumn and winter? These little towns seem to have more charm and still they are very close to Ancona and we can go with a car for whatever we need.Also, a little further south I found San Benedetto del Tronto is nice. It has marina, wonderful beach and walking area. This also seems very nice place to stay. Again, do you think we can find long term rental?

Ciao Dylan, thanks for your email. Sirolo, Numana and Marcelli are three small little towns near Ancona (15/20mins by car). They are in the protect area of Natural Park of Conero. The beaches, nature and sea water (most of the get the “Bandiera Blu” award for water cleanliness) are one of the best of Adriatic sea. I think it's not a problem to  find a long term rent flat. Some families from Ancona, young with children, have decided to move to enjoy a more peaceful and natural life style. As all small sea town they do not have the same vitality in winter as they have in the summer, but since Ancona is very close I would not see this as a problem. Portonovo is a bay with different beautiful beaches and many restaurants, but during the winter time nobody lives there.  San Benedetto del Tronto is also very very nice, famous for the wide palm trees. Plenty of restaurant and night life during the summer and in the winter time. The sandy beaches make this resort perfect for young children. The only thing to consider is that the closest airports are Pescara and Ancona which are one hour drive. Also here it wont be difficult to find a long term rent.  Take a look also to Senigallia and Pesaro (both north of Ancona) which are very nice as well. The best suggestion that I could give you is to come in Le marche and see with your eyes the different options. If you need help in finding your rental you can get in touch with me at www.fbitalianproperties.com . we are a Property Finder start-up company for Le Marche. ciao

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