We are hoping to move to Umbria next

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06/21/2017 - 17:21

We are hoping to move to Umbria next year.  My daughter will turn 5 in February 2018.  I have read that primary school is compulsory from age 6.  Would she start in maternal school first for the year and then start primary the following September at age 6.5 ? or will I have to enroll her in primary at 5.5.  Also - any recommendations for a town with great schools in Umbria. Thanks



Ciao  In September (accademinc year 2017/18) you have to enroll your daughter in  maternal school and next year (2018/19) in the primary school. You can ask to the school to enroll her directly this  year (early enrollement) in the primary but I think it is not a good choice if she has to learn a new language.http://www.indire.it/lucabas/lkmw_img/eurydice/quaderno_eurydice_30_per_web.pdfNormally the small towns, like Todi, Spoleto, Orvieto have a great primary school. More help let me know...Ciao  Francesca Fbitalianproperties