We are scheduled to spend 5 nights at

07/23/2017 - 21:48

We are scheduled to spend 5 nights at the Ada Nada agriturismo in the Langhe region of Piemonte. I am having a great deal of trouble finding good information about how to structure time there. I am, as my login suggests, into food in a big way. I am not looking for a cooking class, as my wife would be bored. My wife is into beautiful scenery, art, and all the usual travel things. I am into food, wine, art, architecture. We will have a car. How do I structure the time? What must we see and do beyond Grinzane Cavour? Has anyone any practical advice on visiting the region in the first week of September? Or at any other time? 



We have been to that region in the last 2 years and are going again this September. The first year we stayed at the Ada Nada and it was great. There is so much to see and do around that area and it is so beautiful. The first year we organised a guide for a day and had a really good wine tour which included some great sighteeing. Last year and this year we have organised our own wine tour for the day and will go to one of the castles near Turnin for another day. If you need and details then please let me know. You will certainly have a woderful time.

Thanks Suexpat. How does this sound for things: Barolo regional enotecca and wine taste in town. Barbaresco regional enotecca and same.Grinzane CavourDrive in the country and see some of the smaller towns. Have a snail feast in Cherasco. I explained how vineyard tastings work, with a whole tour of the vineyard and winemaking, and that exceeds wife's level of interest. 

It sounds good and I will show my husband incase he has any other suggestions. My husband is not a huge Barolo fan so we concentrated on Barbaresco. Tell your wife I am not a wine drinker or really interested in buying wine but the one day wine tour we organised was perfect. The guy not only took us to the vineyards he showed us a few towns and gave us some good pointers. Are you in that area for longer? Will you go to Turin?

We have two nights booked in Turin at La Maison B&B before 5 nights at Ada Nada before decamping to Cogne for a trip up Monte Bianco and a walk in the national park or three. So, 7 in Piemonte total, then two nights in VdAosta. In looking at Turin, we have some thoughts: 1- Why isn't Turin like the fourth leg on the 3 city pilgrammage? Doesn't make sense. Of course I've read that if Rome, Venice and Florence didn't exist, Turin would be the best city in Italy. 2- Two nights, with the first night being a late arrival, is going to be wholly inadequate, so we're likely going to trade a day from Ada Nada to drive back to Turin for more stuff. 3- so excited about the trip, but really concerned that I am going to mess it up. Glad to hear that Ada Nada was great.