How to get Radio 3

04/10/2013 - 15:16

I thought I'd be able to get Radio 3 through my Vodafone mobile internet connection but not so. Any advice? Thanks


Is this a PC or a smartphone/tablet? I agree with steve - it should work (certainly on a PC) unless it is a rights restricted issue. (I use a Vod dongle). I've had issues with the BBCiPlayer app on the smartphone, but going to the internet app and asking for iPlayer does work, (this with a Vod SIM).

BBC iPlayer can be a problem if you have an iP address in Italy, basically, the BBC system can see where you are located and if it believes that you are not in the UK - you can't get the service. There are ways around this, like buying a VPN service that disguises your location and makes the BBC think that you are UK based, it doesn't cost very much and some internet providers can provide it for free. Of course a Uk based mobile phone or dongle would not have a problem.I have just watched England v Australia rugby on my computer!