InternetHi, we have a holdiay home in

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09/09/2017 - 08:36

InternetHi, we have a holdiay home in Italy and have a Mobile Wi-Fi device from Vodaphone which we use for internet. When we arrive in Italy we just go into the store and buy a top up for the device. For the last 8 years this has been great but the last 2 years it has been a huge problem. We can either not top up twice and this year they sold us 10gb but we ran out when we had used 5gb. What do other people use for internet on their computers as Vodaphone is not as good as it used to be.



From what I’ve been told Vodafone is one of the best mobile operators here, we have always used WIND for wifi and TIM for the mobile phone, so can’t really comment. You have not said what problems you have encountered either topping up or with the service. One thing very prevalent with all the major operators here is the scam on premium rate SMS services – see link here

(Italian only I’m afraid). I guess like WIND if you let your balance drop to nil you will lose internet and perhaps this scam has hit your balance and dropped it to nil?
If you are from the UK and it is only holidays you need internet then have a look at your UK mobile company, most these days let you use your mobile contract here at UK rates – GiffGaff, Three and EE certainly do.

I live in Holland so when I come to Italy I top up my mobile wifi. Last year I purchased 10gb then when that ran out, we forgot to change the settings on our phone, they would only let us buy another 5gb that month. This year we purchased 10gb and when that ran out they sold us another 10gb. Well that is what they told us but it was actually 5gb. Apparently with Vodaphone you are very restricted how much you can top up.

Well Sue I’m not too sure why you have had a problem with them, but suspect there is something in their small print causing you the problem. It depends on your reception where your home is as to whether or not you can use another company. I know little about Vodafone, but have looked in the past at all the deals and found WIND to be the best deal for us, however their service is also rubbish!However ALL EU counties mobile companies should be offering their services throughout the EU at the same rates, so I would suggest you check them out as well.