03/01/2011 - 06:22

Has anyone seen the unbelievable deals with Hertz. Go to Hertz main page, click specials offers, then click deals by the day and then select their new offer "save 25%,book in advance", cheapest prices ive ever seen.



Thanks for that.  The actual car hire is not a bad price anyway its the insurance that is so horrendous - don't suppose that will be reduced :(   I always go for the full whack so that I don't have to worry in case it gets nicked!

Instead of paying the high costs for the additional insurance, get insured by a third party. It costs about £50 and lasts for 12 months and they insure for everything (maybe not running out of fuel) but all the usuals. Try insurance4carhire. They used to advertise in the Italy magazine.