Hi-I have owned 2 building plots in

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10/24/2017 - 11:53

Hi-I have owned 2 building plots in Sicily for a few years. Due to a road collapse and the commune not rebuilling the road I have been unable to build a property as intended. ! question :I have been told I have to go to the commune to find out how much land tax I owe for the past years and current year, although I have NEVER been contacted by mail, although the commune have my UK and Sicilian address/ The friend now says just pay the current year 2017.2nd Question.: I have built a temporary wooden dwelling (without utilities) that can be unbolted in a weekend. I was told by a notary I could build as many wooden houses as I liked on my land without planning permission, now a Sicilian achitect tells me I did need permission/ Can anyone help?John the Confused.



Whether you owe IMU on your land depends where it is.  It is up to you to calculate and pay your tax, not up to the comune to send you a bill.    As to your temporary building, that depends on its height and what you've built as well as how big is your plot of land.   Merely paying your IMU doesnt mean that the comune will rebuild the road, if indeed it is a communal road and they are liable.