Ciao a tutti.I have a question re

10/23/2017 - 07:27

Ciao a tutti.I have a question re property sales.Is there a way of findng out if a house has been sold? We looked at a house last summer in Teramo province in Abruzzo and I don't think it was sold but has come off the market.In UK it is easy to find house sales but I can't seem to find an Italian website with this information.Any info would be greatly appreciated. Mark



We took our house off the market until it was inspected after the earthquake.  There's no damage whatsoever but they insisted.  You can view it on my fb page - it faces the Gran Sasso mountains, lovely spot.

If you do the visura for the property at a sbriga pratica then it will detail the latest owner, atto, etc-  If you know the address, or the owners name, or the foglio and particella of the building then it will take 2 minutes to find out if it has been sold. 

Thanks, Modicasa.I have found where to do it online, through Poste Italiane as far as I can see.You can search but need to register (without a codice fisale but require an Italian phone number unfortunately).Mark

It usually costs 2 or 3 euros at a sbrigapratica.  Online they will sting you.  The Agenzia dell'Entrate technically will allow you to access the system, but Ive never tried.    If you have an accurate official address of the property in question, send it to me and ill see what I can do.