Went to our bank in Lucca today (Cassa

10/27/2017 - 13:31

Went to our bank in Lucca today (Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Della Lucchesia) to pay in some cash for our direct debits for water and electricity.  TWO hours later we left without being able to pay in despite having bank cards, passport and bank statements with us to prove we were entitled to do so.  What on earth is happening to the banking system in this country.  Why is handling cash now impossible, does anyone know or can they recommend a normal bank to us, preferably in Bagni di Lucca?



I would guess putting in cash, especially in larger amounts, will only get more difficult with all banks. Have you looked at transferring money in there with a third party e.g. transferwise, currencyfair etc? I’m sure one of these or others will handle currency from any country.

Seems strange.  If you have a nonresident account you can still pay in cash, but will probably have to sign a form showing from where the money comes from (antirecycling laws) - for them to refuse a deposit seems bizarre.  If you are non resident and EU citizens you can bring in 10.000 euros in cash legally, and there is no law to stop you putting it in your bank account.   Id have a few strong words with the direttore. 

Thank you.  The lady who deals with cash was off sick and the stand in threw a strop and left the building. There was no one in the bank who could do it so we were left high and dry.  The big issue was that we didn't have the pin for our bank card with us and the bank statement, copy of electricity bill and passport were not enough to allow us to pay into our account - which we have had for 15 years!

Modicasa ,bank pay bill ONLY via SEPA  ( old RID )  = direct order payment  - Do not pay bill at Sportelli - they do not are allowed to pay bill receipt - Only postal office is allowed to pay postal bill .