We had a bank account with Banca Marche

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12/08/2017 - 11:04

We had a bank account with Banca Marche which has now been taken over by UBI. We were shocked to discover that as non residents our account can not be on line, we cannot have bancomat cards nor have direct debits.Does anyone know of good accounts for non residents that would provide an online access, bank cards and the ability to set up direct debits?



We were also with Banca della Marche taken over by UBI - but I don't have any problems.  All my direct debits are fine.  The only issue with internet banking was that I had to set up a new account - apparently the old account does not have internet facilities, with new account number and card - which works absolutely fine. However, one of the minor complications is their security. When you make a payment or a transfer they text a code to a mobile phone, which has to be Italian.  We have an Italian mobile phone so we are OK with that.  The bank offered to transfer all of my direct debits to the new account, which I have not yet done.  My branch is the one in Tolentino.