Buonasera,My name is James, I am a 28

11/27/2017 - 17:52

Buonasera,My name is James, 28, currently in South-West England. I possess UK qualifications and 3 + years experience in Architectural Design.I write because in February 2018 I am moving to Varese, Lombardia, and I'd be grateful for some advice/information on finding employment within this especially competitive industry. Can you offer any insight?For the last 10 weeks I've been keeping a very close eye on relevant architectural design opportunities around the vicinity, of course including Milan and Como, and it's beginning to feel as though I've exhausted all avenues for now! I understand that this isn't really the time of year for taking on new staff and in the same breath I hope January will spur a wave of interest, but I need to stay active in the meantime!I have also applied for jobs in catering, warehouse, customer service as I have some experience in these fields too and figure they'd be useful ways to support myself while I adjust to life in Italy and improve my language skills.Further questions:How much does the procedure in Italy for attaining 'permission to build' differ from those in England?Is there a vast difference between English building regulations and the Italian equivalent? Are there readily available building regulation documents I can get my hands on, as there are in UK?I'm ready and willing to engage in projects big or small, paid or unpaid, just so that I can forge some initial contacts!Thank you truly,Jamesjamesgoodland@live.co.uk 



We have connections with Central Italy
We can recommend some design studio that can give you some advice or you could practice with Italian building permits.
I do not know if it is useful in Abruzzo
Visit this architecture firm and contact maybe they can also give you free information