Hi my names Luke smith, I'm a builder

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10/11/2017 - 14:15

Hi my names Luke smith, I'm a builder currently living in the uk, i do anything from small maintenance jobs to full restorations, I would desperately like to live and work in Italy but I'm struggling to find any where with vacancies, of anyone could help with a contact or if anyone needs some work doing it would be much appreciated if you could help, I'm planning to move in the new year once I have abit more money behind to support myself, I look forward to hearing from you regards luke smith



Hi Luke - I have a holiday home in the region of Le Marche in Italy. In 2106 around 67,000 properties in Le Marche and Umbria were damaged due to the earthquake, including mine.  So for building work this could be a good region to keep builders busy for the next 5 years.I have no experience of working in Italy, but I do know of an English guy who moved out to Italy around 7 years ago, is a plasterer by trade - learnt the language - and now works for both Italian and English people, but it is not easy.  I can pm you his email address if you like ?

Are you still considering your options for a move to Italy Luke? We're also in the Le Marche region, having moved on a full time basis after 15+ years of holidaying here. We have some contacts in the building trade and are interested in your situation having gone through quite some experiences to realise our dream to live here. We have a modest little home in a hamlet close to the Sibillini mountains that requires a full range of works. May also be able to help with finding rentals in the area, depending on your requirements. Can PM you further details if it's of interest to you. Good luck with everything.

Hi Hulspete are you still looking for someone to carry out some works for you?  We are living in Le Marche having relocated here from the UK.  We carry out building restoration/renovation and interior design work, no job to small or big for us.  if you are interested we can PM.  Thanks.