Shipping Furniture and Car Hi All

11/21/2016 - 01:36

Shipping Furniture and Car Hi All New to the forum, but found it very helpful while searching to buy a property in Italy, so thanks :) So, now have purchased a property and wanting to ship some items of furniture (used) and our car, has anyone got any advice on whats required paperwork wise or advice in general.... Thanks again  



Bit more info required please.

  • Holiday Home or permanent resident?
  • Where  are you moving stuff from?

 Assuming its Trumpton that you are moving from;-

  •    Why ship anything over? - buy local - especially wiht the state of dollar vs euro
  •    Car - good luck with that - probably also cheaper to buy locally than tryu tp re-register it over in Italy [It could fall to bits before the costly bureaucratic processes are completed, [if ever].= and you need to be Resident to do it

Others wiill have much more good advice to give. Good luck

Thanks interesting info, will be based 6 months in Italy and 6 in Dubai where we currently live.I have furniture that is sentimental, which needs to go to Italy the rest I have already purchased locally. (Calabria)As for the car It's a classic, which we hope to put into storage in Milan so it's not for running around in not your clear cut easy move for sure.I believe we would need to apply for residence anyhow and will purchase a car for sure....but do we need the residence before shipping anything over?:-) 

Hi - it is impossible to buy a car in Italy unless you are a resident, and if it is only for 6 months I wouldnt bother with the bureacracy. If you know someone, you can buy it in their name, which leads to other issues.If you are a non-eu resident it is very difficult to get an Italian driver's licence as you have start from scratch and cannot just transfer your licence. Make sure you get an International Driver's Licence which is valid for one year to use while here.We shipped all our furniture over, lock stock and barrel and it was no problem, other than it took nearly 4 months to get here from Australia.Do you already have storage organised in Milan for the car? We ended up selling our classic car (ASTON) because it was right hand drive, and my husband was over the moon to be able to buy a Porsche 928s here similar to one he was restoring in Australia and in fabulous condition!Anyway we did the house purchase, move etc from Australia 5 years ago and have many stories to tell and 'Only in Italy' moments.  So happy to answer any questions you may have.By the way we live in a small town in Emilia Romagna, outside Modena, Calabria will be a vastly different prosition, so would go directly to the Comune to register yourselves - presume you are from UK so that will bring other issues re car insurance, health etc from what we experienced as I fortunately have dual nationality but we did have to get the Permesso di Sogiorno for my husband. Car we purchased in my name but the driving licence as Australians is our biggest problemBest wishes

Hi Ozinitaly,My husband and I are moving/retiring to Emilia Romagna (Castel San Pietro region) from Sydney in September, our only daughter lives there with her husband.  We are shipping a container over with our used furniture, artwork and personal items etc.  Can you give me some info on customs duty or tax?  I believe if we have second hand items there is no tax?  We will have a tv that is 6 months old do you know if that is tax exempt? Much appreciate any helpful hints you have.Cheers 

Hi JulseyWe moved over with a 40' high top container and half a 20' ontainer. We used Wridgeways to move us. They were great and explained everything and the only things we didn't take was the contents of our wine cellar as we would have to pay duty on the wines. Unfortunately we understood that our goods in the half container would be separated from whatever else was in there. That container went to UK and the contents arrived about 4 months later and in a mess with broken boxes, stuff missing and very unhelpful UK staff.Too late to claim on our insurance and I just told myself it was only "stuff'. Our big container arrived in perfect order, beautifully packed and nothing missing ( having said that, you couldn't slip a piece of paper between things it was so tighly packed).We even took our matteresses which were all beautifull packed, no humidity in them - perfect. The packers will not pack any liquids to go into the container and we believe that we could not have replaced the goods of a full house with what it cost us in transport. You will have to be patient changing all the electric plugs, but initially we used Australian power boards on which we changed the plugs to Italian style one.Looks like a lovely area you are moving to. We are in Polinago, our nearest large towns are Pavullo nel Frignano in the mountains and Modena is our capital. Once you are settled, do get in touch and come and visit us. Happy to answer any further questions you might have and you can contact me direct at (we run a small B&B here and have mainly Australian guests).