Hi, I would like to ask advice for a

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Hi, I would like to ask advice for a family of a couple in the mid 30s and two children of 1 and 3 years old. We will move to Italy this year, up to April, to live there indefinitely. All of us have Italian citizenship, a detail that I think help us to establish there. So here are our criteria:

- The well being of the children considering weather, nice landscape and ease of assigning them to a public asilo nido/scuola.

- A place to work by ourselves or open a small business. We have some provisions to that.

- A place near a University, I want to have a second degree and think I can accelerate the integration with the community.

We considered Padova, Trento, Regio Emillia and Ancona, would you please critique this short list and add more suggestions.

We read about how hard It can be to rent a place in our condition, do you know a agenzia that accepts just deposits as a guarantee? Also our target is up to 800 euro a month.

How hard is to get a agevolazione to buy the first house?

Thank you very much.



i suggest Umbria , pls see at > http://www.lifeinitaly.it/italiasegreta/regioni/umbria/Umbria.htm particularly see The università per Stranieri di Perugia Regardingfacilities for first home , pls read at > http://www.lifeinitaly.it/Inglese/italyresidenceguide.htmand at > http://www.lifeinitaly.it/Inglese/Purchasing_Real_Estate_in_Italy.htmif you need mortgage to buy , and have not italian income , i can work on it for you - this is my job from the 1998 , see > www.lifeinitaly.it/Testimonial/index.phpfor rent , no problem - the prices in Umbria are lowest  - with 500/600 euro month , you can find easy a  3 beedrom apt ,  even in Perugia 

Hi RF83.I suggest Emilia Romagna. We live in the mountains an hour outside Modena and similarly Reggio Emilia which ever route you decide to take, in a small town called Polinago. It is about an hour to drive to Modena or Reggio, but we are 25 minutes from the large town of Pavullo nel Frignano which has schools as well as the high school, hospital, supermarkets and everything one needs. I believe our town would be a lovely place to bring up children. There is a school and Asilo in the town which has about 135 children aged from 3 years to 13 years. The rents are very, very reasonable - nowhere near your 800 euro mark, a very, very large house in the town is about 500 euros per month.Without knowing what business you are thinking of there could be possibilities. It is a rural setting but we have the best of both world. In summer the temperatures are at least 5 degrees cooler than Reggio or Modena, winter there is snow but the roads are cleared and well kept. The air is fresh and clean, food prices very moderate and the outdoor life style is wonderful - walking, cycling MTB, skiing or snow shoe walking in winter.The town has 2 doctors, a pharmacy, small , supermarket, bakery, butcher, dentist comes twice a week, a couple of bars. The largest employer is SAU a fine precision tool maker which employs about 120 people. To buy a house/apartment is naturally cheaper than in the cities.  Bologna, the capital of Emilia Romagna is 90 minutes away and has an international airport, and major railway hub. All the cities on the plains don't have a climate as pleasant as ours - they can be very hot and humid in summer and foggy in winter.We moved here nearly 7 years ago as an older couple, from Australia, and have made friends with many of the younger people here. We love the semi-rural life style and if I can answer any questions I would be happy to do so. Good luck.Winnifred

Hi UgoI understand that Bologna was once part of the papal states until Italy became a kingdom between 1859-1861 and today it is the capital of the Region of Emilia Romagna.  As far as I understand all that is left of the papal states today is the Vatican City.  

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unfortunately , Winnifred1 , I regret having to communicate that due to the bravado of a certain Garibaldi, then, the Emilia Romagna, has become part of the Kingdom of Italy (invention of a certain Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour), and the Federation of States that he wanted the gentleman Gioberti, it was not made - as a consequence Bologna is not the capital of nothing  smiley

Ciao,We are as well a young family with two boys (12 and 8 years old). We moved back to Italy last year after 15 years in London.  We live in Le Marche Region, Ancona, and we are enthusiastic to be here. Ancona has different type of University (Agrarian, Economics, Science, Engineering, and Medicine) but in one hour drive you can reach Macerata, Camerino and Urbino with a wide range of subjects. Ancona has also an airport with national, London and other European destinations. Rome and Milan are  3 hours away with a high speed train. Beaches are amazing, and the view of Mt.Conero are breath taking. Some popular sports are windsurfing, cycling horse riding and there also is a 18 hole golf club.Many people say that Le Marche is Italy in one region. It offers lovely and varied landscapes, a lot of history, art and culture across a relatively small area.  The quality of life in The Marche is very high although the price for buying and rent is still low.   I just helped a young foreign family to settle in San Benedetto (renting) without problem and they are very happy of their new life here in Italy. If you need any help or more info please contact us and we will be very happy to help you. info@fbitalianproperties.com  Good luck….Ciao Francesca

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Ciao Francesca,Your boys ages caught my eye as my boys are also soon to be 12 and 8 also you mentioning the golf course:).   My family and I  live in USA and I am originally from Albania.  I have lived here in the states for 16 years.  I was busy having the kids and raising them and not  thinking about the quality of life here in the states.  Recentely I have been thinking hard to move to Italy especially after our family trip last summer there.  Your move probably was easier since you lived in UK but would love to get some suggestions from you about living in Italy.  I am mostly concerned about schools, health care . etc.  I have a degree in Accounting so I am thinking I can find a job easiily but what do I know? And then what about the visa's and residency etc etc.  If you want to write to me in private my email is herionag@gmail.com. Looking forward to connecting with youHeriona

Gettingprima casa agevolazione is easy - you just tell the notary when you buy a property that you want it.  Your only obligation is to then take residence in that comune within 18 months of the day of purchase.