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01/27/2018 - 08:12

Insurance questionI'm insured with an english insurance company but my MOT has run out and have now had an accident in Italy, caused by me absolutely blinded by the sun and drove into a still standing car. Police was out.My comprehensive cover will no doubt not cover me but what about the third party?I now thought of registering my car in Italy what do I need to  do to be able to do thatNormally I go to England in May and stay till end October - my insurance allows me to e out of the country for 180 days so that is fine



I am insured with National Farmers Union. Under their 'General Conditions' section of the insurance there is a 'Duty of Care' paragraph which states that
a) you must maintain the car which is insured in good working order and in a roadworthy condition
b) to comply with relevant statutory requirements and regulations imposed by any authority.

I think that they would claim that driving without an MOT- your car was not roadworthy, and it is the law in the UK to drive a car with an MOT and therefore you are not complying with statutory requirements. I think that they will not pay out for this claim. Sorry

I am in the process of getting my UK plated car changed to Italian plates. I have been quoted around €740 to do it and so far for me it has been very easy. Just had to provide the usual car docs and the equivelent of an Italian MOT and they are in the process of doing everything.Some friends did it before us and they just had to wait........and wait until they got a phone call saying all done and here are your new plates.As always depends you get in the office.

For at least 10 years or so AXA have insured UK registered cars without insisting on them having a valid MOT or road tax and have paid up on claims. However, they have now changed this and insist all cars have a valid MOT etc. So when you come to renew your policy this year you will need to have an MOT and UK road tax otherwise your insurance will be void.All good things come to an end :)

I simply forgot I had a lot of problems, death of a very close person, then cancer  -And I still don't know if to buy another English car or an Italian they seem to expensive for so old. At the moment I'm  still waiting what they are going to do about the 3rd party claim etc.Could have mune repaired and take it to England, but no am awre so I cannot - it will mean new, old carWhere did you go to have it registrered in Italy - and how long did it take 

Normally, UK comprehensive cover will convert to Third Party when Driving abroad.   You need to check your policy.   But if the car does not have a valid MOT this may cause it to default.We looked at transfering our Panda (uk) onto italian plates at 2 ACI offices and it is an administrative nightmare.  The office had documents for 4 weeks and did nothing with them so in the end we gave up.  We now plan to bring car back home for MOT and re-insure once a year.Good luck if you decide to go down this route.  It is expensive and also the italian insurance is also expensive compared to UK insurance. 

How much more expensive it the insurance and also who are you insured with and drive it home once a year.It is just to difficult to decided, if insurance is so much more expensive as well as cars being so much more expensive in Italy it may still be worth the driving home once a year, which will then be minus the flight I usually do once a year too.Oh so difficult some people say no problem but a lenghty proces, others it is a problems and a lenghty process.Who to approach best for the easy solution in Rome?Thnk you ad thank you all for the help I'm still undecided 

I thought of the drive home but by the time you have finished with fuel, motorway tolls, overnight stop, food etc the return trip will cost you the best part of £1500 cheaper to register it in italy particularly you will save much in the long term. Also in italy the maximum time you can have a foreign vehicle in the country is 6 months unlike the 12 months in the UK and if you are stopped by the police they can impound your vehicle.

I would be very careful at the moment with your insurance and how you deal with your accident. My son was driving and his MOT had run out so as far as his insurance was concerned he was not insured,  he then got points on his UK licence for not having an MOT and not being insured.

To transfer your British car to Italian number plates is relatively easy. When I looked in to it and consulted with a neighbour who had done this previously it looked a bit of a long process and rather complicated. I spoke to my daughters Italian boyfriend and he took me to our local motorizzazione which is like a local ministry of transport office where they conduct different category driving tests etc. To be honest I thought this was going to be a wasted trip as I was told to go through ACI and other agents. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I took my vehicle registration document original V5C and photo copy which I hand written the Italian (google) translation beside the relevant part relating to the vehicle and my valid M.O.T certificate also translated in to Italian, I took my Carta D’Identita and those were the only documents they required. I had with me a copy of the sales receipt translated and my codice Fiscale and driving licence but they did not want these. I was told by my neighbour I needed a EU certificate of conformity and all documents and translations had to be certified by a notary, this I am pleased to say has not been the case. My M.O.T was due to expire in the middle of the month but they said this was not a problem as in italy the equivalent is always valid until the end of the month of expiry. I had to wait a week and telephone them to make sure my documents were ready to collect with some boletini to be paid and the cost totalling approx €660 (dependant on the horse power of the engine) in order to obtain my number plates and registration document etc. Then I could obtain Italian insurance and take my car and pay for the equivalent Italian m.o.t which is valid for two years and basically my car is now registered as Italian, I had to post the relevant part of the uk registration document which relates to the date of export.  It may sound a little complicated but really in summary it was just a question of the relevant documents translated and taken to the local motorizzazione, a week or so later returning to collect your Italian number plates and documents and posting the tare off part of the V5C4. Not the months of beurocratic Italian paper work and being sent from one department to another with the usual problems I envisaged. Going to get an Italian m.o.t and insurance are things that one would have to do in the UK  and of course you will need to change your driving licence in to Italian but that also is relatively simple.

Where in Italy are you I'm in Rome and I've heard that  it very much varies where you go, S o wonder where yu went e.g. where you are. How much do you think it cost you overall to convert?Yu obviously thought it was worth it - and another thing , the length of time, I keep hearing horror storis of 6 minth. I do know that in order to get my residence it was very difficult and took some 9 month 0- but f curse that was with other people, communeAnd how high is the insurance in Itay, I paid £491 protected bonus - I just wonder if it is worth converting as the cars here are aso so much more expensive - and I'm told the insurance is very high too

Hi I am near Lucca Tuscany. Toatl cost including revisione (mot) numberplates and documents etc approx €700-800 depending on your engine size/horse power. Revisione (mot) cost just under €70 but is valid for two years. I understand some auto scuola ( driving schools) for a fee can arrange for everything to be done for you but have heard the process can take some months and I did not explore this route.Insurance - try and contact an Italian insurance broker, you maybe able to transfer your no claims bonus from the uk it just depends on insurance company and you will need to translate it in to Italian. Most Italian insurance only covers third party cover. My 32 year old daughter purchased an Italian secondhand car (double the uk cost) and she did not have any no claims it was a Nissan Micra 1.2 and the insurance cost €1200 third party only took us a matter of days at our local Comune to obtain out Carta D’Identita after we provided the relevant documents and photos but as you say things may vary from place to place.i too have heard that you can only have a foreign vehicle in italy for 6 months and over your car can be impounded unlike the 12 months in the uk. 

Well I'm in Rome, you get so much less for your money for an Italian car, e.g. 20 years old and 2000 euro and an enormousely high insurance. Someone said before 1200 euro now that may vary a bit but presumably not a great deal .Any way I'm still waiting for my insurance co in UK to say what they will do pay out 3rd party or not! I'm though elderly a full time student here, so should not be beholden to MOT rules in the UK to make insurance valid. Still waiting they wanted proof I was in the UK which 've provided but its now 3 weeks on an am still waitingThanks for all the help