My uncle has been paying power on our

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04/17/2018 - 04:26

My uncle has been paying power on our house since it was renovated 30 - 40 years ago. We have had the power in our name approx 6 years. My uncle is now 90 and hasn’t paid the power bill. The power has been disconnected. We have only just found out and I’ll be there in two weeks and would like to have power when I arrive. What should I do please



Who is the electricity supplier and where is the property?  You will need to contact the supplier, pay the arrears and they will reconnect the supply.   You will need your client number, your POD number -both of which are on a bill.  Depending when the power was cut off there may be a reconnection charge to pay. 

Also how do you get a bank account in Italy. Tried years ago but they wanted an Italian address and gave them my uncles address. He says he never received anything. That was with poste italiane. How do you pay the rates when you don’t come to Italy every yearLot of questions I knowthanks

Hi, to open a bank account in Italy try with a different bank or an online one. Poste Italiane is quite "vintage", I had several problems with them when I had my account there.Re paying the bills when you are not in Italy, you can require to have them deducted from your account, usually the energy compay advantages you if you wish to pay directly from your own account as it's in their interest too.Otherwise, there are agencies or lawyers who can take care of your bills by having them sent to their office, but this service has a montly or yearly cost.Good luck!