Codice FiscaleHi, We have a holiday

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04/16/2018 - 02:17

Codice FiscaleHi, We have a holiday home in Italy and both my husband and I have Codice Fiscale numbers. My 2 adult boys want to go and stay there but without a CF they wont be able to do certain things, like get a SIM card or top up the internet. Would it be easy for them to get one and does anybody know if there will be any disadvantages of having a CF? If they got one they can also sign up for the Milan marathon which they would love to do. Thanks for your help.



If they want a proper CF then they will need to go to the local tax office (Agenzia dell?entrate) and request one using the form which you can download from the AdE site.  They will need to take their passport and a photocopy of it.  If they buy a SIM then most shops will generate a CF for them, but it will not be the official stamped version and there is a slight possibility that it will be the CF of someone else with the same name, birthday and country of origin.    It takes 10 minutes to get at the AdE as long as there is no queue.

Thanks modicasa for your reply. I have looked at the website and cant seem to find the form to download. I get a great explantion of what to do but not the form. Do you have the link for the form? It also says that I can apply at a Consular, which is what we did in the US but again no link to a form.

A fiscal code is not a problem. Only if for example you have not paid some due taxes in Italy, you will receive a notification at the address mention when requireing your fiscal code, and the It. Government will easely find you.The FC is basically necessery for the Italian Goverment to be aware of your fiscal situation and to have an address where they can notify you something.Because I understood that your boys do not have any fiscal connection in Italy (whilst you do as you have bought a house here and consequently you have to pay some taxes), I do not see creating a FC for them as a problem, however they have to give to the Revenue Office a justified reason why they need a fiscal code.

Your sons will probably need to either be a member of an international club or pur have the runcard. In addition they will need either a sports physical by an Italian physician or your physician depending on the level of Milan marathon. I've run Rome marathon and a dozen other half marathons and all require these things.