Who is the cable Television provider in

07/05/2018 - 03:38

Who is the cable Television provider in Tocco da Casauria? Where do I get in touch with them? Is it possible to get English speaking programs? Thank you



Katie "cable" is an American term, would it these days include internet based tv for you? If so is you internet good there? English speaking, if important to you, would dictate a none Italian based solution. Last one I read about was UK based TvMucho, but there are many out there, including fron the USA I guess.  There were supposed to be big changes going on soon in the EU, but I've not heard of any movement yet.

Hello Steve,I see that Television in the bars and restaurants have SKY or some kind of network. I don't know who to contact or the name of the provider. I live in Tocco. I have video streaming but am tired of watching my computer screen. English is not my primary goal. I am trying to learn  the Italian language. I thought it would be easier to learn the language. if the programs had subtitles.  Thank youKatie

THis is the sky Italia site.  But it may be worth looking at buying a DVB decoder if your tv does not have a built in decoder? These a decent aerial or satellite reception. An alternative if you have good internet is to cast/mirro it to your TV. if it's not internet built in, then buy a amazon firestick or chromecast. Friends here bought a small tv at mediaworld last year, very cheap, but quite small, but it had a built in decoder and (aerial) and they get a great picture. Many of the program you can have subtitles and/or switch language on it. I assume you have a tv, so you would simply need an external decoder. I'm sure someone local (tiny shop) will do these and fix it all up, but to get an idea MediaWorld here have them. Most are "Terrestre" (aerial) as opposed to "Satellitare" (dish).

Thank you. I just purchased a Panasonic smart TV. So it should have a decoder. I am not sure, as it has not been installed yet. Media World is vey slow ! I purchased the TV and a washing machine over 2 weeks ago and no one has contacted me about delivery. I have been in touch with Media World customer service through email, but no response has happened. I suppose I will find out sooner or later. I have more patience here than America. Still.......

Katie, do you know the model? Some have an aerial decoder, some satelite and some both, it depends on the specific model. I'm sure it will have one or the other, if not both. Do you have either an aerial or dish already? You will need one or the other if it's not ust for internet. To be honest if your internet is good you should be able to get almost anything on it.2 weeks seems a long time!

I did not realize that purchasing on line would take forever. I purchased my refrigerator and it was delivered 2 days after. But I purchased it in the store.  I checked on the shipping status just now, and it says to be delivered July 5, 2018. We shall see. I am unable to communicate by calling the company. I cannot understand what they are saying and there is no option to hear in english. I am trying very hard to learn italian in a hurry. I know I sound like a horrible American. I am not one of those. The TV does have a decoder for both. I do not have a dish, as I do not know what company to hire to install the dish for me. I was going to rely on streaming until I learned that it is not a smart TV. I have been looking into Roku streaming devices for the TV. Are you familiar with those? I do have really good wifi here. It never drops the service. I watch films on my computer and it has no issues with buffering. But I need a larger screen, thats why I bought the TV. Thanks for your info. Katie

No areial either, then the decoders are not much help. As for streaming devices, then Roku, Firestick, chromecast or Apple tv , it depends on what you want to pay and get out of them, they in effect all give you a "smart" (ish) tv. There is not much between them last I looked. If your internet has a router close by where the tv will be, then a device with an ethernet connection would be most useful. In the UK I've briefly used the chromecast ultra we have, just a few times, but it was really good without the ethernet connection. I've heard of many who rate the apple tv, I just don't like apple much. If you know your neigbours, ask one with a dish where you would get one, I'm sure there will be some local doing such. Like I said the friends only have an aerial and reception is very good.