Hello  We are about to start

10/01/2018 - 16:05

Hello  We are about to start renting our holiday home in the Fermo region of Le Marche. I understand we have to pay 23% tax.  What do we need to do in terms of registration, given that we will not be in Italy and our house will be looked after by our caretaker?  (She is not on-site, will clean and prepare the house and be on call if needed.) Thank you for any advice.



Hi there!  You can register your property at the local comune.  You would register as a 'privato' as opposed to a company with a partita IVA.  This makes it an officially registered rental property.  There are also ways of setting up individual contracts for each booking that you could work on with your accountant (commercialista).Hope this helps!  All the best to you:-)