Hi,We own a house in a small village in

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05/12/2016 - 08:35

Hi,We own a house in a small village in the mountains of Sicily, it is an old family home and we have slowly but surely been bringing up to standard over the years. We are now looking at getting the outside of teh house rendered as it is becoming worse year on year.We have had a quote from a local builder but it seems wat above average.Can anyone tell me how i find a reputable builder in sicily, the nearest big town to us is Barcellona.RegardsMichael



Get the prezzario siciliano which will tell you the prices for every single job you might think of doing and it will tell you the official price for your rendering.  Add to that the cost of scaffolding, use of public suolo, permission of the neighbours if needed, comune permission, Beni Culturali if needed, SCIA and professional and you can work out if your quote is above average.   

I agree with modicasa.  I would add one thing, though...  Yes, you should see where good work has been completed. But your next step would be to find where good work has been completed for foreign homeowners.  That's the most important bit.  Unfortunately, some Italian builders take advantage of the relative helplessness and naivete of out-of-towners when pricing projects.  Find some foreign homeowners - British, American, Australian - who are happy with the work done to their property as well as the way in which they were treated by the builders, and ask them for a referral.  This is your best bet at finding reliable and competent builders.All the best to you!