Good evening, my boyfriend and I are in

10/17/2018 - 15:52

Good evening, my boyfriend and I are in the process of looking/ buying a property to renovate in Liguria. We are looking for an English speaking Geometra in or around the Dolceacqua area. If anyone has any recommendations they would be warmly received, we have asked our very friendly estate agents but would appreciate independent suggestions too.I look forward to your responses, thank youSuzi 



Hi Suzi...If you can, try to speak directly with other english speaking property owners you meet in that area.  There's nothing like a referral from a satisfied client in a similar situation as yours.  Hopefully there will be some locals on here who will contribute to this thread.  You're right to look beyond your estate agent's suggestions.  They can get locked into working with one particular individual, although that professional may not be the best fit for all property owners.  As a property management and building company, we encourage new property owners to shop around a bit, whatever the service is that they're looking for.  All the best to you! 

Hi  SuziI am an English speaking architect, happy to take on a domestic reno that is within 2hr drive from Milan. Aquedolce is out of my range. BUT please do not choose a Tecnico recommended by an estate agent – also if estate agent is nice, better get a tecnico who is independent from the sales process. I have been in touch with so many non-Italians doing reno works with tales of woe. The Tecnico can be an Architect, Engineer or  Geometra. Ideally have a Tecnico look at your property prior to finalizing your offer, so as you can budget better for the estimated costs of renovation.  Please contact me if you need further advice even though I cannot be your Tecnico I am happy to help you find the right one, and help you avoid mistakes and having you own tales of woe. If you have difficulty in finding a tecnico, I can contact my architect friends in Liguria and see if they can find a solution for you.