We have just bought a house in Emilia

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10/22/2018 - 16:22

We have just bought a house in Emilia Romagna which has Apple TV. Can anyone advise how we can view UK TV channels such as BBC or ITV. We have Amazon Prime and Virgin subscriptions back in the U.K.  Many thanks. 



First off you will need decent internet! If you have such, then there is many others use...mobdrotvcatchupfilmonTVMuchoUK Freesat - expensivetransponder tvWith some or all you may need a good VPN, whci may or may not give you access to iplayer and the likes. I'm sure there will be others...smiley

Most internet in italy at 15mbps and higher will work fine with a vpn.
Nordvpn, vilingvpn, unblockus, etc all ones that you can check

Also depending on your technical experience you can make a dns server and use dns addys from the UK.

I have nordvpn and its excellent - also its on offer at the moment.  You can use it on up to 6 devices and I got 3 years for 100 USD.   I got it more to protect me from hackers and the like, but can use UK sites if I change the settings.