Hi Everyone, My husband and I left

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10/06/2018 - 08:46

Hi Everyone, My husband and I left the UK over a year ago (I'm French and he is Italian). We lived in the UK for 5 years. We decided to keep our UK car with us to avoid having to buy one in Italy when arriving there. However, keeping our car has become an issue (we are now over the 12 months period). We would like to bring it back to the UK and sell it. I was wondering if, from your experience, you could help us clarify 2 points.1 - Because we were not driving in the UK, we didn't renew the road tax. Is this going to be an issue to sell it in the UK now? 2. We are no longer resident in the UK. The V5 registration address is still showing our old UK address. Would the DVLA accept a foreign address to be shown on the V5 doc? Would we still manage to sell it to some businesses buying cars straight away?Thanks for your help. 



Hi,Road tax in the UK is now not transferable so you can renew it online in order to take the car back to the UK and then once sold claim it back. New owners responsibility to have it taxed.Also I'm assuming its mot is out of date? It must be mot'd to drive in the UK so that would need to be done. We bought a uk reg van here in Italy and took it back to the UK straight to the garage for it's MOT.DVLA do not accept foreign addresses to register a vehicle, they will accept a care of address however if the owner is not residing in the UK. As you are selling it anyway I would not expect there is any reason to change that now.If you can find a buyer online who is willing to take the car as soon as it gets to the Uk then you may leave having the mot up to them but that would decrease it's value significantly.hope that helps ☺