where are the most inexpensive places

10/27/2018 - 21:07

where are the most inexpensive places to live in Italy? I am interested in moving there.



According to Rightmove.co.uk, UK's number one property website for properties for sale, Abruzzo is the least expensive region in Italy and in Europe for investments on property (Who is buying overseas property? Rightmove report).In Italy, Abruzzo is the least expensive area with property average prices around 61.735 Euro for houses and 89.175 Euro for apartments. While the average house price in Italy is 215.067 Euro for houses and 204.129 Euro for apartments.Font: Abruzzo, the cheapest place in Italy to buy property

I own a house in Calabria in a hill town named Santa Domencia Talao. My husband and I have owned it for 7 years now and are retiring soon. We have just purchased a buiding to renovate and turn into a BNB. I have helped several friends come over and look at property because very few of the houses in our village are listed on the property pages. Our vilage architect andf our mayor are very welcoming to Americans.  If you are interested in Southern Italy, Calabria is a graet place and very inexpensive. It has the best beaches on the planet and the best food as well. Let me know if you want help.  

Normally, the unwritten law is valid, according to which, the lower the purchase price, the lower the services and therefore the commercial attractiveness of the property -Abruzzo is a beautiful territory, however, if you exclude locations on the sea, the whole interior is suitable for people with a good spirit of autonomy, their own means of transport, perhaps lovers of peace - all over Italy, both countryside, that centers less than 200,000 inhabitants, suffers from this problem, public transport services are insufficient, or even missing. On the other hand, the quality of life will certainly be better than that which one can enjoy in medium-large sized cities.

I would say broadly speaking that very small towns are cheaper than larger towns and cities,  and water views are expensive no matter which water you are looking at.  If you can avoid owning a car, it will greatly reduce your living expenses. 

I have an inexpensive condo on Lake Maggiore, 60 km from Malpensa, 40 from the Swiss border, that I need to sell below market price (wife can no longer travel). Look in this magazine for: buy property - apartmemnts - Piedmont - Belgirate

Hello, I have chosen a small town called Passignano sul Trasimeno in beautiful Umbria.  It is not to expensive to live here, life is full of events almost all the year round and beatiful views.  I simply ove it. Suggest you go on a website and search for Lake Trasimeno.  Prices of properties vary.  Good luck!

My apartment is up in the north-western part of Italy, just a few miles south of the Swiss border. It sells at a bargain price.

What's good about living in the north, rather than in the boot of Italy? From Belgirate-Stresa your are on the beautiful Lago Maggiore, just 45 minutes drive to Malpensa airport, and in exactly 1 hour by train you can be walking out of downtown Milan Central Station. Milan is the hub of all Italian and international destinations.

You are closer to central Europe and, by rail, you are in easy reach of France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, and all Scandinavian countries. Park your car at the railway station and take hassle-free short weekly trips to the main cities of Europe at your convenience. You don't want to drive in Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, or Vienna. You want to book your hotel in easy reach from the train stations and walk around, use their excellent public transportation until you are ready to go back to the apartment and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the hills over Lago Maggiore. Here are some examples of average travel time to some of these fantastic cities:

● Milan - Venice 2hrs 30min
● Milan - Turin 1hr 15min
● Milan - Bologna 1hr
● Milan - Florence 2hrs
● Milan - Rome 3hrs
● Milan - Genoa 1hr 30 min
● Milan - Naples 5hr 30 min
● Milan - Vienna, Austria 13hr
● Milan - Paris, France 13hr

The Belgirate-Stresa Station is on one of the main international high speed rail lines. Leave your car at the Stresa station and choose the European destination you wish to visit:

● Zurich, Switzerland 4hr 30 min
● Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland 4hr 30 min
● Dijon, France 9hr
● Bern, Switzerland 3hr 30 min
● Luxembourg 15hr
● Brussels, Belgium 14 hr

Find my apartment for sale overlooking Lago Maggiore at this link:

Hi there,you should seriously consider buying a house in Abruzzo, it's a beautiful region in the centre of Italy, there are amazing mountains, hills, big lands and even sea side. It's not overcrowded and life is affordable.I live in Abruzzo. Check my link in case you want to become friendshttps://www.italymagazine.com/post/hello-everyonethis-message-ideally Ciao