Does anyone know of a private Italian

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06/29/2018 - 15:31

Does anyone know of a private Italian language teacher/tutor near Fabro, Terni, Umbria?  Thanks.


Hi Jerry,I know it's a bit late now, but I wonder if you found a teacher as I'd be willing to assist you online. I live in the Marche region and I'm a certified Italian mother-tongue teacher..Ciao!Nadia

Nadia,I am definitely interested.  I will keep you in mind when I return to "belle paese" in April.How much do you charge?Jerry P.S.  Where in Le Marche do you live?  I love San Genesio, or I did until I saw the earthquake damage earlier this year.

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Hi Jerry,I live by the sea in Porto Recanati, a beautiful little fishermen town on the Adriatic coast.I charge 25 Euros per lesson. : )Thanks for your interest, speak to you next year!Nadia Albamonte

Ciao Lisa, grazie di avermi scritto. : )  Thanks for writingSarei felice di aiutarvi a migliorare, possiamo fare lezione su Skype e magari anche incontrarci un giorno. Vi invito a venirmi a trovare in questa parte dell'Italia che è altrettanto bella. / I'd be happy to help you improve your Italian, we can do lessons on Skype and maybe one day meet too, in fact I invite you to visit me in this beautiful part of Italy on the east coast.Intanto vi lascio il mio numero così ci possiamo accordare per le lezioni: 339 4508 751. La mia mail: Here are my telephone number and email.A presto! Speak to you soon!Nadia 

Buon giorno Nadia.   Thank you for your response.  I do follow and use online applications to study Italian, but was hoping to connect 'face to face' with an instructor.  I was looking to find someone in the Fabro/Ficulle area.  Grazie for your interest.  Best,  Lisa

Yes, I am simply looking to improve my command of Italian.  I am not looking for a 'degree' or to work in Italy.  So if there is a teacher, casalinga, etc. near Fabro/Ficulle who could assist me in achieving this aim I would be pleased to know.  Grazie per la vostra risposta.