Hi there,Can anyone recommend a shop

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11/18/2018 - 10:04

Hi there,Can anyone recommend a shop that sells internal floor tiles please - IKEA and Mondo Convenienza don't seem to have much. Online would be great: we are London based and the house we are buying (Langhe Hills, Piemonte) has a non-compliant bathroom which needs to be ripped out before the purchase is completed and moved to where the kitchen is currently. So we have a lot of work to do ASAP and hope to order most of the furniture etc online.Recommendations for a reliable builder will also be gratefully received: we are in the Monforte d'Alba region of Piemonte.Thanks



Hello,I am a British architect working in north Italy. All builders tend to be reliable if you ask them to quote you a detailed description of the works you need to carry out, and supervise them.Ordering materials online is maybe made more complicated if you are not living at the address of delivery.For Tiles I would start with Marazzi one of Italy’s biggest producers – they have a website in English and a presence in the UK and maybe you can start talking to the in the UK to see if they can organize delivery from the sales point in Alba.https://www.marazzitile.co.uk/# https://www.marazzitile.co.uk/store-locator/italy/piemonte/cuneo/