Hi EveryoneI am looking to do a

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12/25/2018 - 18:14

Hi EveryoneI am looking to do a language school  either somewhere in Sicily, Naples, Milan or Turin. Can anyone recommend one in any of these places, please? I have done one in Florence and Bologna and they were amazing experiences which allowed me to really get to know the place. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.Ciao 


Ciao! I write the Studentessa Matta Blog - a dual language blog in Italian and English. I take small groups up to 10 to Italy to study twice a year to immerse in language and culture. I partner with Italian schools. We study at the school in the morning and in the afternoon I organize activities and excursions to keep conversing and practicing language outside the classroom. Accommodations, as well as most meals, are all included, plus you get to meet and hang out with lots of my Italian friends!  This year I will be returning to:Arezzo in June (16-30) with the school Cultura Italiana - and we will be there for the city's medieval jousting festivalandMontepulciano in September (14-28) with the school Il Sasso - and we will be there for the vendemmiaMore information can be found on my website about each program at www.StudentessaMatta.comWould love to have you join us!Through my site I also organize individual Italian Language Homestay vacations where you stay in the home of an Italian teacher for 1 or 2 weeks, immersing in language and culture. I work with teachers from north to south - Bergamo, Florence, Sarzana in Liguria, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Calabria, and Sicilia. Spread the word! Passaparola. A presto! Melissa

Hi Giacomina, this is Carlo from EtnaHub - Learn Italian, an Italian language school in Sicily. I would be very glad helping you with your request.

We offer Italian language classes for individuals and groups. We are very proud of our Cultural Courses referring mainly to Sicilian history and culture. Also, we have organized Special Courses called Sicilianesimo and Yogando.

> Sicilianesimo is a course on which you will learn the Italian language at the same time as involving you in the life and history of Sicily, with two native Sicilians to teach and guide you as you go. You will be subject to new and unique experiences: you will be enchanted by the beauty of the island; your tastebuds will be bombarded with delicious local cuisine; you will become familiar with the beautiful sound of our language. http://www.etnahub.it/en/learn-italian/special-courses/sicilianesimo/

> Yogando is a course designed to encourage a special atmosphere where students can learn a language and engage in physical and creative activity through yoga sessions. http://www.etnahub.it/en/learn-italian/special-courses/yogando/

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Carlo Lombardo.