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01/09/2019 - 03:18

HiRecommendations for a bilingual (preferably UK-based) solicitor for house purchase near ArezzoWe are hoping to buy a property near Arezzo, Cortona or Sansepolcro this year (we would like to have bought near Siena but we're finding it too expensive for our budget!).  We have narrowed our choice to three properties and are visiting again in April to make a decision and an offer.  Two of the sellers are British, so it might be helpful if we could find a UK-based firm of solicitors who have offices in Italy, or close contacts with an Italian firm, preferably in the Arezzo province.  We live near Cambridge, but the UK location of solicitors is less important.We would be grateful for any recommendations.  Many thanks!



I have never worked with them and I do not think that they have an office in Arezzo but I have heard of Kobalt Law https://kobaltlaw.co.uk/property-lawyers-italy/#enquire who have a UK and Italian Presnece.If you ever need an architect let me know, All the best  Conor Mulvenna

Thank you, Conor.  I will take a look at their website right away.  We do have an architect lined up for one of the properties (a very nice gentleman, already used and highly recommended by the current owner), but I will certainly let you know if we decide to buy a different property.  Thank you!