Ciao,My name is Chris and im moving

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07/15/2018 - 19:11

Ciao,My name is Chris and im moving with my family to Umbria in August. Im an experienced Multi Trade Builder and specialist in heritage buildings im hoping to get some work over in Italy so that I dont have to work away in the UK,Im happy to travel and work away in Italy. We are a family run business consisting of myself, my brother and my son we are all multi skilled trades people.Do you know of anyone looking for a builder or have any ideas on where to advertise etc... all ideas and suggestions welcome.Many Thanks 



As a builder, if you want to work on any job that requires a permission from the comune or belli arti, you must be in possession of a DURC to show that you are up to date with your taxes and working legally.  Failure to have this certificate means you cannot be considered for such work.   Many builders work in nero - but any work that requires any structural intervention, scaffolding, etc etc requires permissions.  

Hi Chris, are you settled in Umbria, in which area, we are in the area of Piegaro and it may happen that we have friends who are going to buy a house close to us that needs renovationYou can send your contact details to,Thanks a lot,CiaoMilena

Hi Milena,  just to let you know that I have tried on numerous occasions to get in touch with Chris re doing some work on our flat in Umbria, but I think he was spooked by one of the previous comments and so I never received any reply although I messaged quite a few times.  I also think that he has pulled out of the forum. Please let me know if you have any luck getting in contact with him because I am still looking for someone to do some jobs around the place we just bought. Thanks