Hello,Sorry but it’s one of those

01/27/2019 - 14:14

Hello,Sorry but it’s one of those newbie questions that will have probably been asked many times.I have been going to Italy since I was a kid and always wanted to get a small 1-2 bed place we can to start with use as a holiday home for us and grown up kids and eventually spend more time out there. We would use for holidays all year round.I have two thoughts on areas, we spent a lot of time around Misano (Adriatic) so this is in my thoughts but obviously season holiday area. The other one is something around one of the lakes ideally on hillside overlooking the lakes with nice views. We have around 160/170k (Euros) and don't mine a small apartment and something low maintenance would be an attraction. One thing is something around the lakes is that I can just about drive this in a day from Rotterdam. Gut feeling is to get something around the lakes.Once we decide on areas were going to spend some time out there and will be doing plenty of visits. Question is what tips would people offer to someone just starting to look ? I suppose it’s those tips from people that have done it that say "I wish i had done...... if buying again"  Already seen that the estate agents in Italy seem as bad as estate agents the world over as in not been helpful. Thanks David.


Hello David, All the northern lakes are beautiful, lake Como and Garda are perhaps more famous, and certainly the properties on lake Como and Garda are more expensive compared to the other lakes. I am afraid that your budget is too low for lake Como and Garda, or put another way – it is too challenging, therefore I would concentrate your energy in looking around Lake Maggiore, Orto and Iseo all beautiful lakes and still with properties more towards your price range.Best of luck, Conor

Since you mention "year round"  do be aware that the northern lakes areas can get snow cover in winter, and plenty of days with low temperatures.  Coming from Rotterdam you might not care, but if you do, then the mediterranean coast near Genoa or Savona only adds about an hour more of driving. I don't know if your budget is enough for that area (if you don't demand a seaview, I would think so).  However,   I suggest that you buy (or rent) a place where you have a caretaker or landlord right on the property or in the same building.  I rent an apartment in Italy, and when I need to go away for weeks at a time my landlord makes sure everything is fine.  He lives in the same building.  Although I live in an apartment building, you can also find apartments for sale or for rent that are on farms or large pieces of property, where again there is someone around all the time who keeps an eye on your property. Italy is a very safe place with low crime but it also is just a fact that the holiday-apartment and holiday villa areas are well known, and everybody knows that many places are vacant for many weeks of the year.  So you need to be a bit mindful of security if you are going to be an absentee owner or renter.   There are many beautiful furnished holiday apartments where the landords would be thrilled to have just one renter paying rent year round. So you can often negotiate a nice deal, and the landlord will take care of the property when you are not there.