I have just experienced my first winter

02/05/2019 - 11:52

I have just experienced my first winter in Abruzzo in the mountains. I love it here, but I did not enjoy the heating system in my house. I believe I made a mistake. My house is old. I had all new windows and doors installed, so there are no air leaks in the house. I took the advice of someone and had a pellet stove installed in house. I am not happy with it. I had no luck with the instructions that were in multiple languages, including English. I finally got the thing started, but I don't know if they are supposed to run on high blazing heat and burn through 2 15k bags of pellets per day. I have asked around to see if there is a place to deliver the pellets. I do not have a car. I must buy these bags 20 at a time and I live on a street no autos are allowed because it is so narrow. I must park the car a distance from the steep stone steps to my street, then once I get to my house, I must climb up another steep set of stairs to the heater. It was so hot in my living room I had to open windows to let heat out, but the bedrooms never really got warm. I gave up after two weeks and returned to the States to get warm and stay warm. I am retired and do not have a partner. I cannot deal with the difficult task of getting the pellets to my house and to the stove. Any suggestions of a better heating system? Radiators? I have gas to my house. Do radiators run with water heated by gas? I cannot imagine another winter with this pellet stove. Thank you for your suggestions or ideas. feeling cold.Katie



Get a gas combi boiler fitted - size depends on number of rooms to heat. It will do central heating and hot water for sinks, showers etc. Very easy to use

Cost - depends on size - get a couple of quotes from local heating engineers/plumbers.

"Will Leroy Merlin carry such a thing? "  My French isn't that good - but these seem to show boilers.  However, I'd suggest ypou buy one locally - your plumber will advise https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/chauffage-plomberie/radiateur-seche-serviettes-chaudiere-regulation-et-climatiseur/chaudiere/chaudiere-gaz-l1308217086

Simplest thing is to get a couple of AIR to Air heaters installed. Make sure they are inverter type models as they are the best for COP, plus they will also cool if needed in the summer. Cost for 2 should be about 2K Euro.

I have a pellet stove in my house in the centro storico of Pitigliano. I totally love the convenience of fireing it up to heat the house.I understand the issue with hauling 15 kilo bags of pellets using my shopping cart from the car park to my house, which is a little over 1/2 mile. Then the steep stairs from the street to the living area. It's a lot of work, but there are a couple of people in town who deliver bags of pellets, and I will be using them on my upcoming trip in a couple of weeks.The electronic controls on the pellet stove are very complex. I called up the store where I bought the stove, and they sent out a guy who set it all up for me. Now it's simple: I only have to press the on button.The stove works great in the living/dining//kitchen area, but not so well in the bedrooms. I bought an electric oil heater for the main bedroom, which works fine.

Thanks for your review, but I live in a small village with no hopes of getting deliveries. I also have no car. That pellet stove was not set up and I hate it. It uses 2 -15 kg bags each day. It's an expensive way to heat. I am a small woman. I cannot drag those bags all the way up the town center steps all 30 of them and walk down a cobble stone street, then up stairs . I am looking for an alternative way of heating. I am glad you enjoy your stove. I do not. 

Hi Katie,hope you are getting on ok.I live in Abruzzo too. It's definitely cold in winter! hehehehTake a look at my post https://www.italymagazine.com/post/hello-everyonethis-message-ideallyWe could keep in touch!Ciao Katie