Can anyone beat this....

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03/11/2011 - 14:55

Just been billed for Tassa rifuiti. Wait for it................... Wait for it................... Wait for it................... Wait for it...................   Year 2004.


Tell me, Brian, just how many times you think I should go and tell them? The numpties in our comune office are well aware that I'm here. I asked them about refuse tax three times shortly after moving in and a friend who is involved in local politics has raised the matter as well. As for fines, well, given that I was fined all of €12 for inadvertently driving without road tax for a year, I really doubt if any fine I might get due to the incompetence of our idiotic band of comune paper stampers will force me to mortgage the house. Al

yes, it's not only a story of appears that with the new instruments at the disposal of the agenzia del territorio ( ex catasto) now available to the comuni ( who are of course anxious to raise any possible new funding) they have revised their rubbish taxation.An example our cleaning lady's family have been regularly paying their annual rubbish tax to date.Now they have received too a demand for 2004 but this is extra to what they already seems that aerial photographs have "spotted" what is in fact 4 poles with an undulated tin roof and this is added to their main house increasing it's value/size and hence their rubbish tax, now they say they're going to pull it down but the photo/tax demand remains anyway...basically it's a lose-lose situation...ours hasn't come thru yet but we're waiting for the every time you see those low flying copters and planes you can be pretty sure they're spying on your henious crimes...sheds..outbuildings...lean to's and various..! do you stand for sheds and pergolas's capo?

  That makes us feel better smiley  When we were at our place in Liguria a fortnight ago, I popped into the commune to ask about the water bill.  We bought our apartment in 2008 and we have never received a water bill.  The very helpful woman told me that I was in luck, as I can now pay 2008!  She told me to come back in June when 2009 & 2010 bills will be ready for payment. We found the annual refuse bill very high considering we are only there a maximum of six weeks a year.  Apparently, you can ask for a discount if you are a non-resident. Has anyone had any luck with this?