Hi, I recently hired a car which had

02/25/2019 - 02:11

Hi, I recently hired a car which had snow chains supplied, during my stay I needed to use them as the snow started getting very heavy, however when I went to fit them they wouldn't fit due to them being too small for the cars tyres. This resulted in me have a small accident which resulted in a mirror getting broken. I took the car to a local garage and bought new snow chains plus got a temp fix on the mirror. Once I returned back to the UK the hire car company took over 400 euros from my bank. I have the proof that the chains that were with the car were not fit for purpose as they didn't fit but the hire car company have stated that they acted in a legal way ? Any help, especially any Legal points,  would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks



Would be useful for others if you would say which car hire company you used

The only successful challenges to hire companies taking charges on your card, that I am aware of, have been done by people who have involved the 'Personal Finance Experts ' of the newspapers.
I'm aware that both the Saturday Guardian and Sunday Observer readers have had success this way - the involvement of the newspaper and the risk of significant bad publicity has energised some car hire companied to review theiractions, find an 'inadvertent error' on their part and a refund happens

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Thanks for your answer Alan. I am quite reserverd to name and shame the company at this stage due to waiting on a refund for the snow chains that I had to purchase. ( I have recently seen them on Trip Advisor rated as bad, just wished I'd see it before hand, Lesson Learnt ! ) I suppose really my question would be,          "If the law demands that all cars must have snow chains has the company supplied me with a car that in effect broke the law by supplying chains that were not fit for purpose ?Many ThanksPaul

I would say you're right.  If the law requires a car to have snow chains, then in my opinion the hirer has an obligation to provide them.  Its like asking you to pay extra for seatbelts.  However, as with all these things, it depends entirely on the small print in the contract.   Car hire is a racket, and they get away with murder (with honorable exceptions) but I doubt whether you want to crowdfund a class action in the European court.  So I guess you will end up having to pay.  

Many Thanks Modicasa. I have read the small print carefully but no where does it say anything other than Snow Chains are supplied with the vehicle. The fact that the chains were too small for the vehicle I wondered if I would have been help responsabile if the accident had been far worse ? But this company has taken my money and run with it ! Paul

Hi Paul,I am sorry to hear what happened to you.Try with:https://www.consumatori.it/welcome/ http://www.euroconsumatori.org/143.htmlhttps://www.aduc.it/Good luck!Angelo