I am asking a question for a friend who

02/01/2019 - 14:59

I am asking a question for a friend who wants to move to Abruzzo.  She found a house in a Village of Carpineto Della Nora. Are any of you familiar with this village? Are there amenities there? groceries, Doctors, pharmacy etc? I appreciate any assistance. She and her husband and 2 children are looking for a village house to live until they find a property to purchase. Any recommendations would be extremely appreciated. Grazie Mille



It depends on how old the children are, how long they think they might be there for and in what season. Under 5? A few months only?  Spring / Summer?  Sure why not?  School age? A year?  Autumn / winter?  Big no no. It would be fun for a few weeks but it's not the best environment for families. They would be better off lower down and closer to schools, amenities and other families.

Hi Katie, hope you and your friends are well. I saw the post. I live in Abruzzo. I can speak a good English and I am very passionate about properties. If your friends want to communicate with me, maybe they have questions or doubts etc. I can help over the phone or help them get the answers they need by mediating with the people who do not speak English. Like I said I am passionate about properties, I like to discover and know more every time. In addition, I can imagine how complicate can be for a foreigner to deal with the complex matter of purchasing a house here and move countries.Hope to hear from you and your friends. Take care, Angelo

Hi Nicola,thanks for the post and congratulations for what you have accomplished basically by yourselves! That's great! Can I ask you where you bought your second property? Is it in the same place where you bought the first one? Are you renting it out? It's interesting to see what foreigners already settled in Italy for a few years think of house purchase and investments. I am in Abruzzo. I know you are in Molise :). Thanks for reading and maybe I'll hear from you sometime soon :). Ciao e grazie!