CiaoMy wife and I are looking to buy a

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09/08/2018 - 23:02

CiaoMy wife and I are looking to buy a place in Tocco da Casauria, Abruzzo. I am trying to find out if there are bus services from Tocco to both Pescara and Sulmona. The local public transport operator is TUA. There internet site seems incomplete and doesnt give me a clear answer. Can anyone help ?ThanksMark



The TUA website gave me an instant reply. Tomorrow there are 4 buses in the morning at almost hourly intervals. Mostly taking an hour but one has a change at Popoli. Are you looking at the wrong site / wrong page? Any particular reason for Tocco? Perfect house? Family connections? IMHO it's nothing special (although nothing wrong with it...) and in Abruzzo there are plenty of places that are wonderful! We've been in Sulmona for 9 years.

CiaoThanks for your reply. Even with the link my browser didnt give me  a complete timetable however thanks for your information. We are looking at Tocco as we have found a house which suits our purpose and we like the small town. I do agree with you Sulmona is a beautiful town. We have stayed there many times.Thanks againMark

Hello :)I just came across your post :)I live in Abruzzo too. Not too far from Sulmona. I am actually going to visit a friend of mine there probably in a week or two. If you guys want we can keep in contact and perhaps meet up for a coffee.Take care :)

Just out of curiosity I looked at the above link. It took an age to get to the next page, so I suspect there is a technical problem with their site i.e. it goes all over the place and is slow. This may just be down to what browser you use, I used Firefox and also have all sorts stopping redirection to other sites/pages. Using Google Chrome was a little quicker, but still slow, both eventually got me in there to this portal search page. And yes, there are a number of buses per day varying from 43 minutes to 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Hi Mark,if you have troubles opening the website, try to download their app. Anyways, there are plenty of bus connections.By the way I live in Abruzzo as well, not too far from Sulmona. If you like we can connect and make friends. We can very well discuss about properties :)Thank you :) Ciao ciao

Ciao AngeloMy wife and I are planning to stay in Popoli for a few days around the 20th of May. We know Sulmona well having stayed there a few times. I will keep in touch and we could meet for a coffee.CheersMark

I know there is a lady who I came across on these forums who lives in Tocco Hope she reads your questions if you find one and have any another available you can toss it to me please LOLi am looking too wherever it meets my bucket list.Has anyone heard of Mura Montaione? Please share anything about the town. I am going there for discovery tour of property offered newly converted apts for saleThanks