Hello! My husband and I have decided we

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08/26/2018 - 15:21

Hello! My husband and I have decided we'd like to buy a holiday home in Abruzzo, and we've found a lovely home overlooking Lake Bomba in Colledimezzo. However, further researching has led us to the fact that Abruzzo is particularly prone to landslides (e.g. Ponzano). We've searched high and low to find out about the risks of all villages in the Chieti region, but it's difficult to find in English. I'm wondering if anyone has any information or sources for tracking this information down? It's a truly lovely place, but we're naturally a little cautious. Thanks very much!Leon



Why would anyone want to buy in Chieti.... him being from Teramo.... Good news is there are a lot less landslides there than there are here...! Seriously, almost anywhere in Italy is at risk of landslides and likely earthquakes, water shortages, excessive snow etc... Check the water situation for where you are buying, but a lake sounds good... The other problem is that with landslides the particular local area can be an issue. Bomba I've heard of, but Ponzano means nothing i.e. it is too local, so you need to ask around and look at what is above and around the house. If it is only one road in and one out, has it been blocked before?

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean Teramo is a better place to consider buying, but is more prone to landslides? He's not from Teramo; he's from Liverpool, UK :-) But I think your point that all of Italy is prone to landslides is important to keep in mind.

Abruzzo is the fastest growing region in Italy and one of the fastest growing areas in Europe, great place to buy right now.  Landslides are usually a result byproduct of the earthquakes the area periodically suffers.  The earthquakes are more of an issue but that's what comes (natural disasters) in any beautiful area of the world.  There aren't many sources in English for real estate in Abruzzo, you're best option would be to hire an agent in the area and allow them to advise.  You'll certaintly need to learn the language though, if you plan to make that your primary residence or spend any considerable time there.  Abruzzo is by far the most underrated region and has everything Tuscany has (apart from the art) and more, the ability to live off the land is much more plentiful than Tuscany.  Good luck!

The region will publish a map which shows all the frana and hydrogeological risks in the area - any geologist can get his hands on it - and it will show you exactly the risks for the area which you are looking at.   It is necessary as it is used when considering planning applications. 

Thank you both very much.
@AmeriBruzzo: I read an article recently that recommended Abruzzo as a unspoilt gem of a place to buy in that many don't know about. The region is stunning. A place to retire to in future - and a great excuse to learn the language. Thanks for your positivity.
@modicasa: so we could contact a geologist. Do you know any? :-) When buying in England, it's standard to have an environmental report commissioned through your solicitor before signing any contracts. I'll definitely keep this in mind, thanks.

Ah yes, if I recall correctly that was the piece in the Independent back in March of 2017.  Yes, Abruzzo is 'unspoilt' and there have been great efforts made to keep it that way so it won't turn into a destination overrun with tourists like so many other areas of Italy.    

First off, in recent years (last 2-3) Teramo has had a lot more problems with landslides. Note recent years, this is a problem throughout Italy as I’ve said. More of a problem would be down to house level never mind village level. We know of people (in Teramo region) who had a house with a one road in and out. From their house they could turn either way and come to an SS road, problem that occurred was a landslide dumped tons of earth right across their drive. Being one house in a comune that suffered many landslides at the time it took weeks to clear their drive. Not wanting to be totally negative I should also point out many a land fall we have seen are cleared almost as soon as they happen.

I would agree with all the replies regarding living in, or having a holiday home in Abruzzo. My concern is that it is not as accessible than the other popular points in Italy. The roads leading there are fewer and more constrictive; as far as I know there are only regional trains that leave from Naples and Rome to Abruzzo. They tend to be slow with fewer lines. Far from the main airports...But if one wants seclusion, privacy, unspoilt, clean air than its  great. BTW, Molise is even more remote, just as clean and beautiful and cheaper, with major bargains. 

Hello :)nowadays Abruzzo has got much better in terms of connections, especially by bus. There are so many more options than there were a few years abck.TUA / SANGRITANAFLEXIBUSBIANCHI TOURPRONTOBUSJust to name a few. Esy to book, easy to travel with them. :))))

Ciao,  Kinetic99I have a client who is doing an extensive restoration at about 30 k from Lake Bomba, he is English and has a good network page with lots of interesting information, maybe you could contact him, this is the link to their page - bloghttps://www.salcimeurope.com  

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Thanks very much, Kinetic99 and Ugo - lots of useful information! We've decided to view four houses next week - two in Colledimezzo, one in Dogliola and Palmoli. Molise has some real bargains, yes, but we struggled a little for comparable views. Very exciting! Better start improving our Italiano :-)

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