I have 15 days in Italy and

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03/25/2019 - 10:18

I have 15 days in Italy.  I have a non-fundable flight from Milan and was going to fly from Milan to Bari airport the same day. I just checked out the flight from Milan to Bari and it is approx 31/2 hours. My flight into Milan for NYC is 9 hrs. I have to leave time between my arriving flight to Milan and the flight to Bari in case my arrival in Italy is late. Am I making the right decision or wasting precious time by traveling all the way down to Puglia. I am afraid we will be very jet lagged by the time we get to Trani. Would it be better to just stay up north and if so, where would you suggest for 2 weeks? I just don't want to waste 4 days going back and forth and mostly being too tired to enjoy the first part of the trip. I was sooo excited about seeing Puglia but now am reconsidering going there when I can get a direct flight to it in the future at which time I would love to see Sicily as well. We and have been to the Dolomiti and Venetoregions including a side trip to Venice for one night. Don't really want to do Rome for this trip (too spread out) and would love to be in a coastal region as well as interesting towns etc...I thank you all in advance.Grazie milleMy itinerary:Day 1 - JFK to MilanDay 2 - arriving in Milan at 12:00pm and flying to Bari and driving to TraniDay 3 - TraniDay 4- TraniDay 5 - PolignanoDay 6- PolignanoDay 7- PolignanoDay 8- PolignanoDay 9- MateraDay 9- MateraDay 10- OtrantoDay 11- OtrantoDay 12- OtrantoDay 13- OtrantoDay 14- Flight from Brindisi to MilanDay 15 - Flight out of Milan



http://www.lifeinitaly.it/italiasegreta/Italia_Segreta.htmany suggestions ,Ugo, by Lifeinitaly.itYou Land to Milano Malpensa (MLX) , the fist fly to Bari is at 14,22 - you have noth enought time , to pick it , the next  fly is  Easijet  at  17,50 italian time , but arrival in Bari at 21,50 - sure have problem in receive a car  ..the other possibility is fly to Bari from Linate , have a flight  Alitalia at  15,20 - arrival  16,45 - and - 16,35 - arrival 18,00Aiport shuttle necessity 1,30 min - too long - taxy fixed price 105 - bout 1,00 hour   

Hi Ugo,Thanks for that information.  So it seems it would be better off staying the night in Milan then flying into Bari the next morning. Or, choose another place to visit near Milan.   I have spent soooo much time planning my trip in Puglia and was very excited to visit but I didn't think  through the details of getting there.  Don't think it is going to work now. I don't want to spend too much  time traveling.

The answer depends a lot on the type of person you are, for me with a long flight like that the last thing I would want to be doing is spend another 4 days travelling. Saying that it is all part of the getting to know Italy, especially travelling by train. However, with such a short stay I would suggest Puglia is a step too far. See if you get suggestions from others as to where to visit and then look at doing them by train. Milan is well placed for good train connections to many a city/town in Italy. For a smaller close by town have a look at Bergamo.

Thanks Steve, I am thinking the same thing now.  Besides two days wasted getting to Puglia we will be exhausted when we finally do. Then we would have to cut our trip short to fly home from Milan.   We would love to do something coastel as that is what attracted us to Puglia, that and the fact it was not as crowded as up North.  Any thoughts about Cinque Terre for a few days or Lake Como and then to Emila Romagna and Marche perhaps?  I will check out Bergamo, thanks!